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Terraria Guide – Rarest Drops Players Need To Know


In the recent Journey’s End update, Re-Logic added over 1000 new items to their beloved game Terraria. Some of these items are an obvious total game-changer, while others are often overlooked.

Magical Pumpkin Seed

Terraria 2

As October rolls around in the real world, players can expect their Terraria game to follow suit and kick off the Hallowe’en event. During this time (varies by platform) pumpkins randomly sprout across all grass, enemies get fun costumes, and slime can grow rabbit parts. There is also a 0.5% chance of getting a new friend named Squashling.

When a player uses a tool to destroy a fully grown pumpkin, they will usually collect up to ten pumpkins, but during this event, Magic Pumpkin Seeds can also be collected. fall out of the tree. Equipping it will summon a walking pumpkin with a mischievous smile engraved on its head.

Reindeer Bells – Terraria 

Terraria 1

Another seasonal event occurring in the game is the battle of Frost moon. This is different from the previous entry because it is a player-controlled event that starts when the player uses the Naughty Gift. The fight takes place in waves of up to 20, becoming more and more challenging with a larger number of enemies. At wave 15, a boss called the Ice Queen has a 0.56% chance of dropping the Reindeer Bell.

She will spawn from wave 11 onwards, so players will have to defeat her at least four times before having a chance to loot this item.

When equipped, the player can summon reindeer mounts to match the Frost moon aesthetic. Of course, Rudolph has a shiny nose that gives off a small beam of light, and despite not being able to fly, can run and jump very high. A rare but worthwhile discount to look forward to.

Discount Card

The Pirate Invasion’s ultimate monetization item is the Discount Card in Terraria. This crew is obviously very rich, as everything they drop provides them with money to make more of their solid gold furniture. When equipped, all NPC merchants reduce their price by 20 percent, including re-equipping with the Goblin Tinkerer. This has no effect on the amount you make on the sale or the price of the Nurse who treats you.

If you want to save some precious accessory slots, you can combine Lucky Coins, Gold Rings (also dropped by the Pirates), and Discount Cards to create a Ring of Greed. This is Scrooge McDuck’s last item, be careful being the next Tax Collector.

Slime Staff – Terraria 


This is the least likely loot on the list, although it’s pretty much useless. Since update 1.4, the Summoner class has been vastly expanded, providing players with tons of new things to fight for them. A pre-Hardmode weapon from update 1.03 is the tiny Baby Slime that only deals 6 damage. It very rarely only has a 0.01 percent drop rate, but it’s also incredibly cute when players brood for hours. watches to feed Slimes in an attempt to have a little pet of their own.

Statues and lava can help speed up the process and keep an eye out for Pinky, the bright pink slime that can drop one percent of the time. Killing it will also yield the ‘Pretty in Pink’ achievement.

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