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Top terrible champion during the 3 seasons Arena of Truth

terrible champion

terrible champion

Besides the generals with great strength, there is some extremely terrible champion against the opponent during the 3 seasons of Arenal of Truth. Apparently, these generals are probably just born to be able to activate the clan.


As part of the legendary lineup of Season 1, Elise is one of the most terrible champions. With her ability to turn spiders and summon more spiders every time she transforms, Elise can only bully the target team to deal with single damage in the early game.

By the middle of the match, when the 3-4 gold champions capable of dealing large areas of damage appeared.
She suddenly became pitifully weak and no longer caused any discomfort to the enemy.

LISSANDRA – SEASON 1 – terrible champion

Despite being a two gold champion in season 1 and possessing highly expected skills. What Lissandra shows is not much and she becomes a terrible champion in Arena of Truth season 1. Although Riot games have increased the power of success for this witch for a while. It made her a hot pick, everything changed when she was balanced by the Riot game again.

With the ability to freeze opponents as well as freeze to heal herself if it falls below the alarming threshold. Lissandra becomes a hybrid of resisting and dealing damage but not really as strong as champions. Knights are cheaper than Darius or Garen. So in the first season, Lissandra is underestimated. But because of the nice clean and the price is not too harsh, she still gets a lot of rollbacks.


Although expected to be a 4 or 5 gold champion capable of shining with rocket rain. Riot’s design team stomped on the car accident. They had with Lissandra when they brought to the DMZ  a very faded Rumble.

Rumble is a terrible champion in season 3 and Rumble’s skill does not provide armor or even stun without Zigg to combine Breakout. However, due to being favored by Riot for a clan that is too important but affordable. Rumble is always considered in the Giap squad as well as when combined with Zigg in the Rebellion – Breakout lineup.

ORNN – SEASON 2 – terrible champion

If all tribes always have extremely interesting and powerful abilities, the Thunder system is quite weak and not often used as the main squad. Although Thunder also has super dangerous and very strong generals like Zed. Ornn is the opposite and quite faded in season 2.

The amount of damage that is not too much for a 1 gold champion is something that every gamer can predict from before. But he is a Guardian but Ornn is not too buff, which makes many gamers find it difficult to understand. Besides, Ornn does not own a very beautiful clan. So this is probably the weakest and most terrible champion in the Arena of Truth in all 3 seasons.


Being a top champion and a hero in the solo duels, Fiora became a terrible champion in both season 1 and season 3. Fiora appeared in season 1 as the Sword Master of the Noble 1 gold. But she herself did not cause too much influence even in the early game. If the generals of Knights like Garen, Darius are impressed with a sufficient amount of resistance, with abundant damage, Fiora does not have both.

The only thing she had in both appearances was a single stun on target and a bit faster than the Knight generals. So, if Riot wants this Sword Girl to appear in season 4, they should change a bit to avoid the situation of not fully exploiting Fiora’s potential as before.