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Terry Bogard moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Terry has joined the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. No, that was not a motif of Ken, this old martial artist has a long history with his name and a complete set of tricks. Not a problem, as we did a full breakdown of his move set in Smash Ultimate.

Terry Moveset


Dash, Jab, and Tilt attacks

  • Dash Attack – Power Charge: He lunged forward in a short distance, tossing his opponent up with his shoulder.
  • Neutral (Jab): A chain of three stabs, body blow, and high kick.
  • Forward Tilt – Middle Kick: He quickly kicked in front of him.
  • Up Tilt – Rising Upper: He swung a close fist up in front of him in one blow.
  • Down Tilt – Under Kick: He quickly traces out on the ground.
  • Dodge attack: A unique move. Terry can press the attack button after dodging the spot for an immediate counterattack with a swing upwards. His top half is invincible in the attack.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash – Backspin Kick: He swung around chest-length round kick, sending him forward.
  • Up Smash – Wild Upper: He bent over and performed a powerful uppercut.
  • Down Smash – Slide Kick: He lowered his body and kicked one leg forward at medium height.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral Air – Chop: He swung a quick hand down in front of him.
  • Forward Air – Jump Kick: He Kick one foot diagonally down.
  • Back Air – Jump Backward Kick: What it says on the name, a stronger kick behind.
  • Up Air – Somersault Kick: He turned and kicked his head forward.
  • Down Air – Jump Karate Punch: He punched him down. Spike like Ryu’s.

Terry Special attacks (B moves)

Neutral B – Power Wave

He sent a fiery wave along the ground. Press to launch a slow-moving, weak-move version or hold down to release a stronger, faster-moving attack. In the air, it shot a short distance in front of him.

Forward B – Burning Knuckle

After a pause, Terry lunged forward with a fist. Press to select a shorter, weaker version, or hold down to view a stronger, longer version. Like Ryu and Ken’s Hadouken, you can do this with a quarter-circle forward motion (from bottom to top) followed by A or B. This makes the movement more intense.

Backwards B – Crack Shoot

He turned forward with an overhead kick. Two strong points (press or hold) change how far he goes forward. Can be made more vigorously with the command input of the opposite quarter-circle (from down to reverse). Can be used to help with recovery after leaving the stage.

Upwards B –  Rising Tackle

He turned up, front legs, and swung his hands to the side. Two intensities (touch and hold) of height change are achieved. If you press and hold (when on the ground) before using it, he will flash and become invincible as he starts to move. The attack can be used after Burning Knuckle or Crack Shoot in the air.

Down B – Power Dunk

He launched into the air then used his flaming fist to hit diagonally. There is an input command forward, down and down front (input shoryuken) to increase power. Using command input makes him invincible when he starts moving.

Final Smash: Triple Geyser


Terry hit the ground, firing three energies forward. If they hit the opponent, he will jump into the air, drown them and punch with Power Dunk and Buster Wolf in a cutscene.