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TES vs IG Prediction – Champions Demacia Cup 2021 – 11/24

TES vs IG Prediction

TES vs IG Prediction

TES vs IG prediction on December 24, 2021. The Top Esports super team had to sit at home to watch Worlds 2021. They had the opportunity to attend the Summer Playoffs but lost quickly and couldn’t go any further.

TES Overview

TES vs IG Prediction

The team decided to reshuffle personnel and parted ways with gods like 369 or Karsa. Key players including Knight, Jackeylove, and young talent Zhuo are still retained. Zoom is a quality alternative, but Tian after leaving FPX will be a big question mark. Tian’s performance wasn’t as good as it used to be and he often made mistakes that led to the whole game. 

In general, TES still has a certain quality of personnel, but their ability to combine as well as fight still does not give viewers peace of mind. The Demacia Cup would be a good time for TES to incorporate its new members.

IG Overview

TES vs IG Prediction

Former world king Invictus Gaming had a miserable season when they ended up in 13th place in the group stage of the LPL Summer 2021. After Baolan and Ning left, the entire World Championship roster was disbanded full postponement. Instead, there are new names like Yuekai from RNG and Xzz, Xiaoyueji from the Academy team. 

It seems that IG is no longer as strong in the transfer market as before. Losing Rookie and The Shy, IG was rated much weaker and could no longer compete for a high ranking. Fortunately, IG still retains the duo XUN and Lucas – their control and experience will be the premise for young talents to develop.

TES vs IG Prediction

The match between TES vs IGG is evaluated in favor of TES. IG played really well in the group stage and overcame EDG. It is undeniable that IG’s ability to coordinate at this time. They have a much more reasonable and disciplined style of play compared to last season. Yuekai and Xiaoyueji really shined and cleared all doubts and prejudices about them. 

TES vs IG Prediction

However, TES will be a much heavier opponent than EDG’s 2nd line-up. TOP Esports after the last performance can completely dream of a championship this year. They defeated RNG’s almost strongest squad overwhelmingly with a 3-0 white score. Knight still shows his class and Jackeylove is back after many ups and downs. 

Zoom seems to be the perfect piece to fill in the inherent weakness of TES in the upper wing. Now the power of TES is equal in all positions and anyone can become a trigger in the fight. The predicted result is a 3-1 win for TES.

TES vs IG Bet Prediction

TES vs IG total score prediction:

  • Game 1: TES wins
  • Game 2: IG wins
  • Game 3: TES wins
  • Game 4: TES wins

First blood:

  • Game 1: TES
  • Game 2: IG
  • Game 3: IG
  • Game 4: TES

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: IG
  • Game 2: IG
  • Game 3: TES
  • Game 4: TES

Total score:

  • Game 1: TES 15 – 12 IG
  • Game 2: TES 13 – 20 IG
  • Game 3: TES 17 – 6 IG
  • Game 4: TES 19 – 8 IG


TES: Zoom, Knight, Qingtian, Wayward, Tian, Xiaopeng, Jackeylove, Zhuo

IG: neny, XUN, Xiaoyueji, Yuekai, Xzz, Ahn, Lucas, Ke