July 30, 2021


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The Article Answers The Problem That Players Wonder About Lurking

So do you know what lurking is? If not, let’s find out in this article!

The location terminology is built into CSGO


CSGO creates its own substance through the design of tactical terms that are actually used in real life. The term may be mentioned as Kobe a request to kill but members of the enemy team with grenades. This term is used quite often in shooters like CSGO. Rotate a term used in situations where the position is exposed, needing a change of position from A to B or vice versa before continuing to fight. Bait if you need a trick for the enemy team, bait is a pretty effective term and almost every known CSGO player.

To create the success of the game CSGO, the two manufacturers, Valve Corporation and Hidden Path invested a lot of their gray matter. Especially when the graphic design and gameplay of this game. CSGO is a bit of a game of legends like Half-Life with modifications to better suit the market. In addition, CSGO also gives me a quite different style in the gameplay. Coming to the gun battle in you will face choking situations. One side is the formation squad with advanced weapons and the other is the terrorist, reckless.

Besides the above terms, the terms of the play position are quite a lot in CSGO. May include Lurk.

What is lurking and the origin of this kind of term


The terms in CSGO have very simple origins, mainly in two main origins are:

One is the terminology used in special attacks by US, British, Russian, and other special forces. These terms are not confidential because they are so widely used. But for terrorists, these are completely secret words, difficult to understand and use for them. Thanks to the use of these words, the fight against terrorism is highly effective. And for CSGO, the gun battle will be more dramatic and more interesting.

Two, from the familiar sayings, gradually became the term in the game. Reflecting on the nature of the CSGO game fans. When playing the game, the player can celebrate with different words. As well as relieve the frustration of losing with slang. These sounds were originally cursed, but over time, they changed and became game terms.

Lurk has the same origin and lurking is a word that describes the state of fulfillment in this term. Lurking mainly describes the stealthy action of players in order to catch or ambush enemies. This is considered an effective tactic used by the Terrorist team. Because in many matches, the ambush is extremely important when using a Bomb.

Should use Lurking in any case?

As mentioned above of Lurk’s meanings, here are some cases where you should use this tactic:

When your team is trying to trick the enemy team, let them think about your strategy. With the battle scenes in CSGO, if you insist on playing a single strategy, the loss is huge. You should alternate many different tactics in games. Using Lurk to create fake tactics is also very appropriate. It will be difficult for the enemy to capture your team’s card because Lurk includes a variety of tactics that create a mock battle situation, change positions, and use bait to lure the enemy.

When your team is weak, then Lurk should also be used to make a difference. Lurk also includes welcome, guess the position of the enemy team. The members who hold the Lurker position are always good soloists. You should choose carefully the person in charge of this position because if Lurker fails, your chances of being countered are very high. The whole game depends very much on the players in this position.

In deciding games, this term is also quite suitable to create a decisive blow. Lurking can be quite risky but knowing how to coordinate with teammates is quite an attractive, effective and dramatic strategy.