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The 3 best puzzle games ever made you should try

puzzle games

puzzle games

The world’s most accurate rankings for the 3 best puzzle games ever on the computer. Understanding the pinnacle of confusion on PC, we analyze what makes them so special, and arrange them in the right order. Read on for more time travel, reorder tiles, hidden objects, and hexed cells than you might want.

Hexcells Infinite – puzzle games

  • Developer: Matthew Brown
  • Publisher: Matthew Brown

It’s hard to overstate how good the Hexcells are. For pure puzzle enthusiasts, let me put it this way: imagine if Japanese publisher Nikoli announced a wholly new puzzle design, just for digital. It is very powerful.

For others, let me put it another way: it’s smart. A screen consisting of yellow hexagons, with very little information about which to turn blue and which to destroy. Your task is to figure out which one, in a way easily comparable to the fun of Picross, but with the logic of Minesweeper.

But while there are some fair Minesweeper comparisons, they are few, and the game is practically nothing like that cruel piece of luck. This is one of the meticulous, deeply intelligent puzzle games, requiring you to strain, constantly learning new tricks, new techniques to follow the available moves.

Portal – puzzle games

  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Valve

Valve’s amazing first-person puzzle game breaks the laws of physics, leaves us enamored with an inanimate cube, and makes people make stupid jokes about pastries and lies. during the next year. And that song.

Famous for being born from a student project called the Narbacular Drop, the Portal team is staffed with those students, led by Kim Swift, and with writing by Eric Wolpaw. The result is something completely astonishing.

Even more remarkable to ponder today, it wasn’t even released separately. The portal arrives via Valve’s Orange Box, the ‘other’ game alongside Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2. Long around three hours, with no pedigree, it’s almost like the bounty freebie has joined. But despite the apparent great success of the other two components, it’s Portal that will leave the deepest impression in the world of video games.

World Of Goo

  • Developer: 2D BOY
  • Publisher: 2D BOY

RPS’s number one game of all time in the puzzle games list is World Of Goo. Indeed it has been since the day it was released in 2008. When I started reviewing the game in September of that year, “This is something special.”

Basically, World Of Goo is a puzzle game in which closely spaced blobs form tight bonds and from towers, bridges, and other impromptu structures can be built. But to describe the game by its mechanics is to completely miss out on what it will play.

Probably not immediately. From the very beginning, you are greeted by its lovely bold, bright cartoon design, and then asked to do what it describes: build simple Spiers and bridges. Once built, can the other goo balls move along the structures, and escape through a pipe, leaving … free? As they move, they scream, cheer, and speak their nonsense language, and you’ll instantly like them. Those who sacrifice for structures are noble heroes. You want to use the minimum number not to get the highest score possible, but to preserve as much splendor as possible.