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The 4 Differences Between PUBG and PUBG Mobile!

The PUBG Mobile

After 2 years of release, of course PUBG Mobile has lots of updates which make it even more enjoyable for the players.

Don’t forget the original version of the game, which came out earlier than the Mobile version. PUBG was released long before the mobile version came out, and of course the fans gave good feedback.

When it was first released, there were many differences from the Original version of PUBG and PUBGMobile which made some PUBG players unfamiliar.

The PUBG Mobile

Vice versa, apart from the different controls, some of the features in it are not present in PUBG Mobile. Since the update to version 1.0, PUBG Mobile is getting closer to the original version, but it has some differences.

Below are some of the things that are still the differences between PUBG and PUBG Mobile!

No Glass in PUBG Mobile

PUBG players certainly know that in the original version, every house has a glass, which cannot be penetrated just like that.

If you jump into a window that has glass, it will shatter, making a fairly loud sound. Not only that, players also became a little blurry if they hid in a window that still had glass.

This feature is certainly not owned by PUBGMobile, because every window is empty and has no glass.

There is no Warning Indicator on PUBG Original

For those of you PUBG Mobile players, you should be grateful for the indicator feature provided by PUBG Mobile in the game features. In the original PUBG, you have to use sensitivity to your ears with the sound in the game, because there are no indicators of shots or footsteps.

The PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, on the map you will see the direction of the sound of gunfire and also footsteps if they sound quite loud.vEven if a weapon with a suppressor appears on the indicator, the suppressor is not that useful in this game.

There is a Distance Indicator on PUBG Mobile

When you want to get off the plane, or want to travel to the blue zone, etc., you realize that there will be numbers that tell you the distance traveled.

The Original version doesn’t have this feature. In the Original Version, we have to instinctively guess how far apart the zones are.

Of course this makes PUBG Original much more difficult than PUBGMobile.

There are no Auto Loot, Auto Aim, Auto Door, or Other Auto Features in the Original Version!

The only Auto in PUBG Original is the gun’s shot mode, and that’s all that helps players .The rest is done manually, you have to take looting yourself, there is no auto aim on the PC, you have to open the door yourself. 

Even the weapons you take don’t have bullets, so you have to reload with the press of a button. Unlike PUBGMobile, where your weapon is equipped with bullets.

Those are some of the differences between PUBG and PUBGMobile in 2020!

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