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The 5 Best Wild Rift Champions to Counter Yasuo in League of Legends

5 best Champions

Today, We will provide you with the 5 best Champions to counter Yasuo in Wild Rift. Let’s take a look below at Yasuo’s Wild Rift champions counter guide. 

Every 5v5 moba game has its own favorite Champion .So is League of Legends: Wild Rift, among all the existing Champion, Yasuo is considered one of the most fun to play Champion in Wide Rift. He can deal massive damage, cut through squishy enemies and tanks, Not to mention, he also has high mobility. Yasuo’s Steel Tempest can give him 2 stacks every time it hits an enemy, and will launch a whirlwind that knocks up enemies Airborne. 


5 best Champions

Akali is a great Best Wild Rift Champions to counter Yasuo in Wild Rift. While Yasuo’s skill -Wind Wall can block Akali’s abilities, she can still destroy Yasuo with ease. With her Ultimate skill, Akali can dash through and kill him in an instant. Apart from that, Akali also has quite a short skill cooldown. So, even if some of her abilities get blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall, all Akali has to do is to wait for the moment when Wind Wall runs out and cast her skill again.

Fiora5 best Champions

5 best Champions

If you encounter Yasuo in the Baron Lane, your best pick is Fiora. She’s a strong match to counter Yasuo. Her ability cannot be blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall, and Fiora can produce massive damage with her Passive and her skill 1. Aside from the insane burst damage, Fiora also can block Yasuo’s whirlwind with her skill 2 -Riposte . It certainly will be a challenge for Yasuo to cast his Ultimate skill.


5 best Champions

Malphite is a Champion who is mostly used as a tank , He has armor, stun and knock up abilities. You can use Malphite in any lane. While Malphite can be an amazing teammate for Yasuo, he can also be Yasuo’s worst enemy. Malphite can use his skill 1 – Seismic Shard,  to shred his enemies, forcing Yasuo to lose stacks of his Passive. Once Yasuo loses his stack from his Passive, Malphite can hit him hard with his Ultimate skill – Unstoppable Force and finish him off.

Annie – 5 best Champions

Even though Annie‘s defense is quite low and can be destroyed by Yasuo, But once you’ve mastered all Annie’s skills, you can overwhelm Yasuo and even destroy him easily.

Once the stacks from Annie Passive are full, you can use the Ultimate – Summon: Tibbers to deal burst magic damage and stun him, followed by her other skills to finish him off.


Yasuo in

Fizz is one of the Best Wild Rift Champions which you can play as a mage or an assassin. Fizz can ambush Yasuo with his Ultimate skill -Chum The Water together with his skill 1-Urchin Strike, and Yasuo will be unable to dodge Fizz’s surprise attacks. That’s not all, Fizz also has these skills – Playful and Trickster, which can be used to dodge Yasuo’s attacks, making it quite difficult for Yasuo to cast his Ultimate.