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The 5 Most Banned Heroes in MPLI 2020!


MPLI (Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational) is already over with Alter Ego coming out as the winner. In the final match that brought together Alter Ego and BREN Esports, Alter Ego won the match 3-0. 

This also set a record for the Alter Ego team successfully without losing in the MPLI 2020 event. It all depends on Alter Ego’s selection of good drafts. The pool of heroes picked by Alter Ego is also very broad, confusing the opponent to ban the Alter Ego hero.

Talking about hero tiers, here is a list of the 5 heroes who were banned the most at MPLI 2020. 


Benedetta – MPLI


It makes sense with a lot of teams won’t let Benedetta go loose. This new hero has a large burst of damage through her skills. Moreover, Benedetta’s ultimate can be sure to kill the opponent’s hero if it executes well. The strength of the hero is indeed feared by many.


After getting a revamp, the pick against Natalia, especially in tournaments, is very high. However, many players, especially at the MPLI event, banned the hero. One example was during the Alter Ego vs RRQ Hoshi match in the semifinal game 2. RRQ Hoshi experienced difficulties with Natalia’s presence in the Alter Ego team. 

Selena – MPLI


Same as in the case with Natalia. Selena was never let loose after the BREN Esports vs AURA PH match 2.  A total of 37 times were banned against this hero. Selena has extraordinary support skills because she can place traps all over the place in the Land of Dawn.


The popularity of picking Jawhead is back. But not as a Fighter but as a Tank / Support. Jawhead skill 2 (Injector) is very good to use as an initiative and CC the enemies hero. 

Brody – MPLI


Brody is a new hero, who is a Marksman and has extremely high burst damage as well as mobility. It is not surprising that many bans have been applied to this hero.

Those were the 5 most banned heroes in MPLI 2020. Check out our website for the latest news and guide!