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CSGO: The art of using AWP on the T-Side



AWP is one of the most powerful weapons in CS: GO when this weapon is characterized by the ability of one shot – one kill almost absolute but in return with strong power, the range is far, the speed of movement when holding this gun is very low, and there is also inaccuracy when not turning on the scope for this weapon …

Support AWP


This way of playing requires the player to use this gun more supportive rather than kills. For example, in the Banana map Inferno, a Support AWP can be recounted for teammates or mid players in Dust2 to give teammates time and comfort to throw cards into the bombsite B.

Lurker AWP

The next style is that AWPer will play as a Lurker. Lurker is a role you will move alone, separate from teammates, and can return to the team once they have captured the bombsite. For example, when your teammates are throwing cards at B, you can move in Mid and watch out for rotating situations from behind the enemy.

If you have a network, you can also slow the rotation of the enemy due to the fear of having someone behind your back. This is a fairly personal play but also extremely dangerous because the enemy can follow two people and change their lives and give you $ 4750 to the enemy.

Entry AWP


Entry AWP is a role for those who prefer close-range gunfights. This is also a volatile role when you have an enemy network in the bomb site right from the beginning of the round can put pressure on the rest of the site or make other players watch the site rotate.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for your team to win that round. Although a consistent style of play is essential, you will also need other abilities to become a good player. The following will enable you to shoot with high accuracy.

Use grenades

Using grenades will make the attack on your bombsite much easier. A Molotov means there are fewer corners to check, and smoke will also help you isolate the enemy, can turn a 1vs2 situation into two 1vs1 situations, thereby increasing your odds of winning.

Make use of your spawn

Having a nice spawn and knowing how to move properly can make you have 1 or even 2 networks in just the first 10-15s per round. The AWPer has a nice spawn will also increase the win rate for areas where there are often the weapon battles such as A Long map Dust2, Mid – Window map Mirage or Mid in Inferno.

The use of spawn or timing of each spawn can also be learned through countless videos on youtube. Using this weapon on T-side is really an art and we wish you success in becoming a talented artist.