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The beast comes from the void Bane Dota 2



The player was no stranger to the name Bane Dota 2. This is one of the generals present from the first versions of Dota 2. A true veteran of the gaming world in the arena.

Basic information about the void beast Bane


There are many heroes that can build Sp or Ap in parallel. Each general will bring his own unique heroes. In Dota 2, there is no strong or weak champion. All have their own power and rely on the skills of the player to promote. Especially with nasty champions like this hero.

Referring to this hero, we have access to a new category of generals. This champion series in Dota 2 has great magic power. Poor movement, but not good processing and neat finishing. This is also the reason why champions like Bane are so popular. Players often map for him to play in the Mid lane or go to Sp. These are the two main positions that you can let his plays.

Details of Bane’s nowhere attack system


Bringing alien blood, Bane is a tough opponent. He has a slow attack speed but a quick and effective move. All of his moves have effects or control. That is clearly shown in the following information:

  • Enfeeble: helps reduce the damage of a single target. Damage reduction is calculated as hand damage so it does not apply to magic damage.
  • Brain Sap: He deals damage to enemies and steals a corresponding amount of health for himself. The damage done is quite a lot and is suitable for staying in the lane.
  • Nightmare: he uses his power to make enemies restrained by a nightmare. The enemy will be damaged during this time. Anyone who awakens an affected champion will have to take damage instead, including allies and this hero.
  • Fiend’s Grip: enemies will be rooted, losing health and lucidity for the duration of the attack. Besides attacking him while he is using Fiend’s Grip will cause you to get Nightmare.

Note when combo skills on Bane

This champion has the ability to overwhelm the opponent because of the fast attack speed. You should train yourself the most effective combo when Bane is in the Mid game. Some tips for using fascinating skills you can try:

Increase max Brain Sap to deal massive and instant damage to enemies. This technique helps players create an immediate difference from their opponents. Do not pay too much attention to the rest of his moves other than Ulti.

Nightmare will be the next skill you need to maximize. This skill is limited to Viet once you have to hit many enemies. It puts them in a saturated state. No one can save you when you get into Nightmare.

Enfeeble should be boosted after maxing those moves. Because his capital is not good at fleeing. Trying to make a difference by causing maximum damage is how you survive.

Some important points while playing Bane

This is a hero who uses magic to deal damage. So you need to pay attention to the map to be able to optimize his skills. Some notes that you need to know are:

  • In the early game, you should give him some equipment like Courier or Clarity. It helps to increase his healing ability and then to allied heroes.
  • The Soul Ring is a good item for him to regain enough mana and prepare for subsequent attacks. The amount of mana provided by him was already quite abundant. However, his cooldown speed is quite fast. That’s why he needs more mana to cast his ultimate, Ulti.
  • Blink Dagger will be a suitable choice for Midgame when you want to increase the ability to reach enemies. This is necessary because Bane needs a lot of range to use his Ulti.
  • Black King Bar also helps you maximize his power. This hero is quite mobile. So this item is perfect for a new start of the teamfight.