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The Best 4 Free Fire Submachine Gun Guide 2020

Free Fire

Free Fire offers players a huge variety of weapons that can be used on the battleground for competing against other players around the globe. There are a whole lot of choices for weaponry that players can use in Free Fire, and the submachine guns are considered the most commonly used weapons. 

Free Fire

One of the reasons for this is because submachine guns are quite easy to find on a Free Fire Battleground and also very effective for close range to mid range combat. Not to mention, it provides a high fire rate and decent damage. You can still choose them if you are still quite new to Free Fire. Therefore, in this guide we will provide you with the 4 best submachine guns in Free Fire. Let’s have a look below!

CG15 – Free Fire 

Free Fire

CG15 is a popular submachine gun that is very unique and different from other submachine guns. The reason is that this futuristic look weapon has an accuracy of 60. Making it a good weapon to attack enemies from mid range. In addition, CG15 can charge up and fire a powerful shot like a sniper rifle. But it requires 3 seconds for the gun to fully charge.


Even though the MP40 is an older weapon from World War 2, this submachine gun is  dangerous. The MP40 is a good weapon for close combat, it also has a high firing rate and decent recoil. Besides this submachine gun can reload very quickly. But it is not recommended in long range combat.


MP5 is a submachine gun that can be said to suit all your needs. This submachine gun is light, and you can carry a lot of ammo. Not to mention that you can also attach different types of attachments to it. Besides, MP5 is also good for short and medium range combat. The best thing about MP5 is that you can find this weapon in almost all the locations on the Free Fire map. It can be a deadly weapon, in the hand of a good player.

UMP – Free Fire

Free Fire

UMP is a powerful submachine gun with the highest Armor penetration. You will be very surprised at how quick the UMP takes down armored enemies when you aim at their head. UMP is considered a stable weapon with  a high accuracy. This submachine gun is most suitable for mid range combat.