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The best Apex Legends players in 2020

Apex Legends

Choosing the best players is inherently subjective in Apex Legends. The value of a competitor is primarily determined by whatever criteria the ranker deems most significant. Does cohesiveness value them over raw mechanical talent?

Apex Legends

Judgment over willingness to adhere to a plan? This year, it is compounded because the global COVID-19 pandemic has reduced international competition to ashes, leaving fans with no real way of defining precisely who are the best global players.

There’s no clear way of defining this, but we’ve done our best to take into account the center point of three attributes: mechanical skill, decision-making, and the success of their team. In some way, form, or fashion, each of these players is instrumental in their teams.

Here are the picks for 2020’s best Apex players.

Song “Ras” Hong-gyun

If you’re looking for an absolute god of movement, look no further than Ras of the Crazy Raccoons. Ras has it all, but the real treat is his motion. 

With his slipperiness, he’s continuously outplaying opponents. Beyond that, Crazy Raccoons are one of the best teams in APAC. Most fans of Apex can’t wait until Ras is able to demonstrate exactly how well he stacks up against international competition.

Dan “rpr” Ušić – Apex Legends

In January, Rpr’s addition to North was easily one of the year’s best roster moves. Rpr and North are incredibly wise in their rotations and the plays they make on the server, beyond being simply mechanically skilled. They’re not the best team in the EU, but that doesn’t mean that rpr isn’t exceptionally talented and doesn’t deserve to be on this list.

Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen

That ought to come as no surprise. One of Apex’s most renowned competitive players is ImperialHal. He’s mechanically competent, and his squad, TSM, is very successful in the game. 

But Hal’s real gift is his expertise in leadership. Hal is driven above all else, and that can sometimes manifest itself in frustration that can seem toxic looking in from the outside. 

Frantic communications and aggressive performance critiques are necessary in the reality that Hal occupies, and he does not shy away from any form of aggression.

TSM is one of the best Apex teams of all time because of these qualities. Without including TSM’s most instrumental player, ImperialHal, it’s impossible to have any list of the best players.

Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller – Apex Legends

In Apex, there may not be a person who has overcome more than Monsoon. He was homeless for a good chunk of his life, and his rise to the top was inspirational, to say the least.

Beyond the conditions outside, he’s just really good.

When he was still playing for FlyQuest, Monsoon’s live decimation of Shroud gave him traction and he hasn’t stopped growing since then. His mechanical skills are incredibly impressive, and Complexity is a successful team beyond that. Monsoon is one of Apex’s best players, by all means.

Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose

Nobody creates an aim that assists frustration better than the literal control demon Genburten.

In late 2020, Genburten burst onto the scene, but his impact was almost immediately felt. 

In a GLL Qualifier, he dropped 20 kills and became an overnight sensation because of his absurd setup of the controller. For quite some time, he has been the most exciting thing to happen in Apex and is surely one of the most skilled players ever to pick up a controller.