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The best Black Ops LW3 Tundra loadout and attachment guide

LW3 Tundra loadout

There are several roadmaps to take when it comes to building ultimate loads for LW3. Equipped with extremely high damage stats, it can be used to take out opponents from afar or to create an epic sniper shot full of fast ranges and quad-feed. Its controllability in all situations allows you to influence the course of the game regardless of your style of play, making it one of the better all-powerful weapons to wield. Below we will introduce to you the best Black Ops LW3 Tundra loadout to help you master this weapon.

Best Attachments for LW3 Tundra loadout

LW3 Tundra loadout
  • Stabilizer .308 (Muzzle)
  • 28.4” Extended (Barrel)
  • Front Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Sprint Pad (Stock)
  • Quickdraw Handle (Handle)

This kit provides an unprecedented level of stability at the range, perfect for engaging targets at a long distance.

The addition of Sprint Pad and Quickdraw Handle increases the look-down speed and sprint speed, allowing you to react quickly to anyone who is intruding on your position.



  • Millstop Reflex (Optic)
  • Agency Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 13.5” Paratrooper (Barrel)
  • Tactical Stock (Stock)
  • Mike Force Rear Grip (Handle)

For this particular LW3 Tundra loadout, Lawbreaker Wildcard gives you the ability to run two primary weapons in the same class. We picked the XM4 for its excellent damage stats and ease of control, the perfect weapon for dealing with any foe that comes a little too close for comfort.

Lethal – LW3 Tundra loadout

Frag Grenade

No matter where you are on the map, frag grenades are always a solid choice. Cook it to perfection and toss it into a crowded area of ​​the map to ensure kills.


Stun Grenade

Perfect for stopping enemies from their path, stun grenades interrupt opponents by slowing them down, making them easy targets for you to eliminate with LW3.

Field Upgrade

Field Mic

There’s nothing more annoying than being shot in the back at the range and about to be hit by an absurd shot from one side of the map. By choosing a Field Mic as your Field upgrade, you’ll be able to hear the footsteps of any opponent looking to take it down at your own expense.

Perks – LW3 Tundra loadout

  • Flak Jacket
  • Tracker
  • Ghost

This trio of perks is perfect for every style of play with the LW3 Tundra. The Flak Jacket increases your stamina against damage devices, while the Tracker lets you see traces of any enemy’s footsteps in the vicinity, giving you the perfect chance to sneak behind them and take them down without even knowing you were there.

Ghost is ideal for those who want to sit back and destroy enemies from afar. It helps you hide from any enemy Spy Airplane and also conceals your position when controlling any Point Thieves, keeping you safe from anyone after a cheap murder.

Wildcard – LW3 Tundra loadout

LW3 Tundra loadout


This wildcard allows you to run an extra weapon of your choice. Whether it’s a fast-firing SMG like the AK74u ​​or something a bit stiffer like the M16, it’s important to have a solid secondary weapon when it comes to a tough situation with the LW3 Tundra loadout in hand.