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The best Black Ops M82 loadout and attachment guide

M82 loadout

The M82 sniper rifle is the third and last unlockable rifle and arguably one of the most powerful snipers to grace the Call of Duty series. Below we will introduce to you the best Black Ops M82 loadout to help you master this weapon.

M82 Sniper Rifle

M82 loadout

Unlocked at Level 55, the M82 is the last of the Black Ops’ Cold War arsenal to unlock. Its high lethality, with the exception of the ability to kill one shot from the chest upwards, makes it easy to exert an impact from afar in a multiplayer match. To maintain some form of balance, the M82 has an extremely high recoil that can be difficult to control coupled with a slow aiming speed.

Best for M82 loadout

  • Royal & Kross 4x (Optic)
  • 19.5” Ultralight (Barrel)
  • Front Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Serpent Wrap (Handle)
  • Marathon Stock (Stock)

By choosing a combination of these attachments, the M82 loadout will be much more effective at reacting quickly to any oncoming opponent.

The addition of Serpent Wrap and Marathon Stock increases the target of reducing sight speed along with sprint speed to fire rate, greatly improving your reaction time.



  • 20” Liberator (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • Patrol Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Taped Mags (Magazine)
  • Spetsnaz Field Grip (Handle)

As with all sniper rifles, it is perhaps one of the most ineffective weapons in melee situations.

The addition of a fully equipped AK-74 to the ammunition stockpile is the perfect addition to creating an impact in close-range actions and if it is detrimental against you and your teammates, it can cause Deals more damage at longer distances.

Lethal – M82 loadout


With so many players opting for aggressive play, Semtex can be thrown in response to opponents approaching your position at breakneck speed.

You can throw Semtex much faster than any other damages item, giving you the ability to react quickly to avoid a possibly sticky situation.

Tactical – M82 loadout


Flashbang is ideal when it comes to taking advantage of a potential target.

Throw it in front of your position, wait for the marker and take them out before they have a chance to react to your M82.

Field Upgrade


Despite its long recharge time, a Jammer can have a significant effect on any enemies near you.

Field upgrades create an electronically interrupted field, which degrades enemy mini-map information and allows you to move into positions where snipers can excel.

Perks – M82 loadout

M82 loadout
  • Paranoia
  • Assassin
  • Cold Blooded

This combination of Privileges complements the M82 loadout in ways that allow you to score more elimination points over the course of a match.

Paranoia increases your awareness even further by warning you when enemies outside of your line of sight detect you, Assassin gives you the ability to earn extra points by eliminating opponents in a killing battle, and Cold Blooded conceals your position from any.


Law Breaker

By choosing Law Break as Avatar, it gives you the ability to wield two main weapons, giving you the chance to dominate the battlefield in almost any situation.