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The Best Hearthstone Decks For Newbies

Hearthstone Decks

Hearthstone Decks

We’ll show you some of the cheapest, easiest, and best Hearthstone decks for beginners to master in Hearthstone. They will come from many walks of life and hopefully get the job you want them to Victory. If you are lucky, there are some tips on what to watch out for in other players’ decks.

Hearthstone Decks: Aggro Rogue

Hearthstone Decks

As the name implies, Aggro Rogue is all about attack. Rogue, is a class of characters, agile and agile, with the ability to power up weapons and deal more damage. The aim of any Aggro Rogue deck is to overtake your opponent, dealing enough damage in early innings before they can either defend themselves or take out the cheap minions you have.

This deck from Hearthstone Decks does exactly that. It’s a great budget deck, which combines some basic Hearthstone cards with newer additions and deals a dreadful amount of damage across the board, and faces your foes very quickly.

Ashtongue Slayer with Worgen Infiltrator, Spymistress, and Burrowing Scorpids give you a lot of damage on the board with very little energy. It also grants you a weapon and powers it up with a Deadly Poison or a Vulpera Toxinblade, making you even more lethal.

The key to this deck is to maintain speed and aim as much as possible when facing your enemies, but also take some time to think about the best order of your cards to make sure. you are maximizing your damage. If you run out of breath, this deck of the best Hearthstone decks simply won’t get you through a long game, so Warrior is a specific issue. If you’re not good on the road to winning round seven, you can get in trouble very quickly.

Secret Face Hunter

Hearthstone Decks

Like Aggro Rogue, Face Hunter is all about being confusingly aggressive in such a short amount of time. Unlike Rogue, however, this Hunter deck combines direct damage with Secrets, a complex part of the Hearthstone game. Secrets are like trap cards, when played if one condition is met, bad things will happen to your opponent. Using these conditions while vigorously attacking your opponent means that even if they can fight back, sometimes their efforts will fail or backfire because of hidden traps.

This variation from the Hearthstone Decks also uses these traps as well as Hunter’s friends – his beasts. Animal Companion and Unleash the Hounds give you a good base of beasts to use with the Kill Command, while your Eaglehorn Bow is maintained by constant secret revelations. Even Wolpertinger, a seemingly weak card, benefits from Scavenger’s Ingenuity – playing Scavenger’s while Wolpertinger stays in your deck means you get two giant minions with just one energy.

The trick with this deck is to keep keeping the secrets of the game, activate the Eaglehorn Bow, and hope luck will be on your side. At best, your opponent cannot have a good army to attack you while you are draining their health. Worst case scenario, you won’t go down without really getting annoyed in the process.