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The Best Indie Game Soundtracks You Should Listen For Once

Indie Game Soundtracks

Indie Game Soundtracks

There are several core elements that make a game compelling: the characters, the gameplay, the art style, the storytelling (if that’s the main focus), the controls, and the soundtrack. As with other elements, the indie game makes good use of the latter, producing creative and often spectacular compositions with almost no orchestra. And in the case of these great scores, less is definitely more. Here are some great Indie game soundtracks to please your ears and leave the mundane world behind.

Spiritfarer – Indie game soundtracks

With such core themes as death and the journeys and emotions surrounding it, it’s easy to return to the violins and great passages for the emotional punch. But Spiritfarer seeks to capture not only death but life, grief, and compassion in every way they manifest. And they achieve this sporadically. 

Indie Game Soundtracks

Composer Max LL’s score accentuates every shot perfectly: acoustic guitars represent musing musings, piano, and forest breezes combine for a placid nighttime sail, and fusion of strings both stir your motivation for adventure and help you open your mind to the unspoken words. Combine this with sounds reminiscent of Southeast Asia and you’ll be on a symphonic journey to give the great Studio Ghibli a cash boost. 

Within a few hours of gameplay, you will find a favorite track and be completely immersed in the maritime journey of the world beyond. And yes, a few pieces of music can leave you with a tearful mess.

Crypt Of The Necrodancer

One of the best Indie game soundtracks, a rhythm-based dungeon crawler with NO exemplary soundtrack would be both funny and heretical to an equal extent. But it really is, and six years later, we still don’t fully understand it. Crypt of the NecroDancer takes players on a head-to-toe, head-to-toe thrill ride, and Danny Baranowsky showcases his songwriting prowess with style.

A master of musical genres, the Baranowsky channel draws inspiration from Portishead, exciting gameplay, flaming metal, and gripping ecstasy, while still echoing the fantastic dungeon environment as players explore deeper danger. 

And if hell freezes over and there’s no track to your liking, fear not! Featuring different playable characters, you can enjoy 6 different remixed soundtracks such as EDM, metal, and ’80s synth’ to enjoy. Crypt of the NecroDancer may have you facing death at every turn, but death isn’t so bad with a sweet rhythm behind it.

Backbone – Indie game soundtracks

Few evocative video game soundtracks have the distinction of stemming from a random encounter with a stubborn raccoon who refuses to leave the composer’s backyard. Just one, actually: EggNut Games’ Backbone. From this ever-escalating stalemate—where only a blaring trumpet could escape the stubborn trash raccoon—was born a dream of a unique and eclectic jazz noir craze. 

Indie Game Soundtracks

Working with experimental artist Arooj Aftab, composer Danshin explores the tumultuous realities of life in Vancouver anthropomorphized in a dystopian fashion in dramatic, iconic soundscapes. The film’s influence is present in the smooth piano, bass, and cymbals, but this is no smoky Humphrey Bogart fantasy. 

The electronic arrangement & atmosphere recalls the depth of the degradation of poverty on the streets, the slush and rot around every nook and cranny, the glare of neon lights. And those rare moments of deep connection are aided by bass notes and natural sounds. This is a veneer cut noir that is romantic to the point of rough and bone.

Death’s Door

That’s why the game that was nominated for Best Indie Game at the 2021 Game Awards should have an award-worthy soundtrack. The second game and overnight success of the Acid Nerve 2-man team, the charm and adventure of Death’s Door are enhanced by a great David Fenn score. 

Indie Game Soundtracks

This is one of the best Indie game soundtracks using a multitude of instrumental sounds from pan flutes and stirrups to powerful drums and electric guitars, Fenn creates a musical setting that perfectly captures the strange and wonderful world of a crow at work trying to find a lost soul. The chorus echoes along with the jazz piano in The Throne Room, the eerie strings and bass flutes reflecting the flickering fire of the Pottery Manor, and the grand orchestral waltz await you in Shall We Dance? 

The boss battle themes are also epic and invigorating, igniting players’ courage in battle with stable constructions and powerful super. Deserving of all its accolades, this first-rate game and its soundtrack are more than just worthy additions to your library.