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The Best Indie Tactics Games You Should Try

Indie Tactics Games

Small indie developers are contributing to the strategy genre and pushing its boundaries. Some Indie tactics games draw clear inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars, while others can serve as reference points on their own. Featuring systems like world-eating fog, card-based combat, and procedural storytelling, these indie games use new spells from familiar ingredients.

Wintermoor Tactics Club

Indie Tactics Games 2

Wintermoor Tactics Club stars Alicia, a high school student who enjoys playing board games with her friends. But unless they win a snowball series with other clubs, the club at their table will be disbanded.

The absurdity of the story does not prevent it from being excellent. Alicia gradually learns more about her rival clubs in installments similar to visual novels or recent Persona games. And the tactical gameplay is powerful, whether Alicia goes up against imaginary enemies in her board game or her classmates in an all-school snowball tournament.

Floppy Knights – Indie tactics games

Card-based games are increasingly popular because they encourage quick thinking and sharp play instead of similar proven strategies. Floppy Knights, due out in 2022, combines cards with strategy and mixes everything in a vibrant, hand-drawn style.

The different factions of Floppy Knights, such as Monsters and Plants, have unique decks with unique abilities. These decks can be expanded by completing battle objectives, and in keeping with the love for combos, Floppy Knights take place in a world that mixes traditional fantasy with classic technologies like floppy disks.

Fae Tactics

Indie Tactics Games 1

Fae Tactics is a fun remix of previous Indie tactics games. The isometric map, powerful spells, and more or less traditional gameplay, but Fae Tactics makes many thoughtful tweaks and additions.

The combat system reduces menu navigation for a more streamlined experience. Instead of complicated menus, Fae Tactics challenges players with intricate map designs and meaningful character abilities. There’s also cooking, creature-collecting, and deck-building – standard RPG features that Fae Tactics produces itself. And the main character, Peony, is the benevolent focus of the game’s captivating story.

Vanaris Tactics – Indie tactics games

Many strategy games tell stories of tyrannical rulers and you’ll be up against vast armies. But since you almost always play as a noble or someone of standing status, you never really feel oppressed.

Published in late 2021, Vanaris Tactics follows a group of refugees fleeing their occupied homeland. The game inherits the isotropic view of Final Fantasy Tactics and beautiful character portraits, except that the refugees in Vanaris Tactics have dark skin. Because most strategy games don’t feature colorful – let alone centered – Vanaris Tactics is a very interesting project.

Tenderfoot Tactics

Indie Tactics Games

Set in a strange, unexpected world engulfed by fog, Tenderfoot Tactics adds exploration to the Indie tactics games genre. But since the earth blocks oscillate and appear suddenly when you step on them, it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll find.

Turn-based encounters take place in small areas that can be reshaped with spells and abilities. Tenderfoot Tactics also eliminates the possibility of missing an attack, making every action clear. This simple system complements the mysterious world of Tenderfoot Tactics, with ethereal shapes, harsh colors, and eerie soundtracks.

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