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The Best Kadita Mobile Legends Build From Top Global and Combo


Along with the popularity of this mage / assassin hero in Mobile legends. More and more players are using Kadita to climb ranks. One of the reasons that Kadita has been getting picked recently is that Kadita has high burst damage allowing her to charge into battle and take enemies down very quickly. Not to mention, Kadita can poke and harass enemies from a safe distance. she can also regenerate a percent of her health lost. Even though there was a little delay in her skill, most of the players tricked the enemies with spells.

Kadita Item Builds From Top Global 2020


Here is the build taken from Kadita’s Top Global, Kimmyyyyy.

Here the build of items that focuses on penetration and magic damage power. So that Kadita burst damage from her skills will be even more powerful. Combining her skill combo, she can finish off the enemies instantly from the Land of Dawn.

For Boots, We suggest Demon Shoes. It provides Kadita with some mana regeneration while sustaining herself in the lane.

After getting Demons Shoes, You should get Lightning Truncheon. It gives her a nice boost of magic power in the beginning of the match. Divine Glaive and Holy Crystal items grant enormous damage to Kadita. Divine Glaive increases Kadita magic penetration greatly and Holy Crystal boosts her overall magic power. These two items are considered core items in this build.

For the spells, Most players prefer Flameshot, Flicker or Petrify.

However, We strongly recommend you to choose petrify instead, many players use petrify to stuns the enemies, making them unable to move for a few seconds, so it is certain that the enemies will be hit by all of Kadita’s skills set.

Ambush, Dueling and Team Fights Combo


To ambush enemies, cast Kadita’s Breath of the Ocean to airborne them, then close the gap with Ocean Oddity and lastly cast your ultimate skill to finish them off. 

When dueling with an enemy, cast  Kadita’s Ocean Oddity to advance on your enemy, casting Breath of the Ocean to airborne them and then cast your ultimate skill.

In team fights, cast Ocean Oddity first and then use Kadita’s ultimate skill to deal massive damage to all the enemies. Lastly, Follow up with Breath of the Ocean. so that it will damage most enemies while airborning them, allowing your teammates to follow up with their attacks.

You can try this build and combo in ranked matches right away!