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Dota 2: The best neutral items for Rubick build

Rubick build

Neutral items drop completely based on luck in Dota 2 and you won’t be able to get the best out of Rubick in every game. That is why it is always a good idea to have alternatives. Every neutral item has something to offer Rubick build.

Tier one – Rubick build

Rubick build

The first tier of neutral items begins to drop around the seventh minute and so on until the timer hits 17 minutes.

Arcane Ring: Arcane Ring is basically a miniature Arcane Boots. It gives Rubick +10 intelligence and +2 armor. Its active “Refueling” restores 75 mana to all nearby allies and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Faded Broach: Faded Broach is one of the most popular level one neutral item in the game. It’s more likely to be snatched up by your mid laner in most games, but just grab it if you’re ready to go.

Faded Broach’s rewards include +200 energy and +20 movement speed, the two things Rubick build needs most of all levels. Having this item on Rubick will allow you to perform more aggressive plays.

Keen Optic: Most of Rubick’s builds include items that increase his range along with all additional mana. Keen Optic fits the bill when it comes to the two stats. +75 cast range and +1.25 mana restore will give Rubick more space around the map.

Tier two

Bullwhip: Rubick is by nature a wanderer. He will want to move around the map as much as possible to take advantage of the enemy’s mistakes.

While his shoes will help him as he runs from lane to lane, any additional maneuvering tools would be appreciated. Their active ability allows Rubick to increase movement speed by 20% and it can also be used on enemies to slow them by the same amount.

Philosopher’s Stone: Philosopher’s Stone is any support hero’s dream. The -30 attack damage effect on it makes it less ideal for core heroes, meaning it will be available for supports or any type of magical hero.

Tier three – Rubick build

Psychic Headband: The Psychic Headband is one of the best items a Rubick can obtain from the third floor. It has an excellent range bonus and also increases Rubick’s intelligence by 12 percent.

Spider Legs: Rubick may need to work in tight spaces to steal the magic he wants so Spider-Legs perfectly match his style of play. Along with the increased movement speed and turn ratio, the Spider Legs’ initiative allows Rubick to traverse cliffs and hills.

Quickening Charm: Quickening Charm reduces cooldown by 13% for all times and spells. This is a passive effect and it makes the Quickening Charm possibly one of the best neutral items for Rubick in the game. You can keep this item until the game is over.

Tier four

Rubick build

Telescope: A telescope is another item that boosts Rubick’s range. It provides Aura effect that increases the +135 attack range for ranged champions, +135 cast range, and also reduces Scan’s cooldown by 50%.

Ninja Gear: Ninja Gear is primarily designed for agility core heroes, but Rubick can also use it if no one asks for it. The item’s ability to activate “Camouflage Soldier” generates Deception on its wearer. Seeing that Rubick needed to be in perfect disguise before plunging into battle to steal the perfect spell, it was just another tool that could help him do so before being discovered by an enemy.

Spell Prism: Unlike the Quickening Charm, Spell Prism in Rubick build will most likely be disputed by your cores who need stats and cooldown reduction. It’s basically a better version of the Quickening Charm with +12 bounty per stat and +4 mana regen.

Tier five – Rubick build

Rubick build

Seer Stone: The Seer Stone is likely the best item Rubick can pick up from the fifth tear. +10 mana regen, +350 range of range, and +350 range of vision allow Rubick to keep his distance towards the end of the game.

Force Boots: Mobility is an important factor for Rubick to reach his full potential. Force Boots is another mobility tool in Rubick build and even comes with +115 movement speed. Its operability “Force” dispels the user and pushes them 750 units forward in the direction they’re facing.

Ex Machina: In addition to giving +20 armor, Ex Machina’s active resets the cooldown on all items except Refresher Shard, Refresher Orb, and Town Portal Scrolls.