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The Best New Exploration Games in 2021 For You

new exploration games

Grab your map and get ready to get lost in a world full of areas to explore and secrets to reveal. 2021 has some great exploration games coming, and here are some of our most anticipated new exploration games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, plus the Nintendo platform Switch.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

new exploration games

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set as the origin story of Sherlock Holmes as he begins his first big case to find out the truth behind his mother’s death. As you can imagine, this would be a younger, more arrogant, and quick to act Sherlock Holmes without his companion Watson to assist him in his journey. Sherlock will need to carefully examine the area for clues along with learning the background behind his suspects. 

So far, we know that there are five main missions in the campaign, along with a bunch of side quests available. Likewise, this one of the new exploration games is set in an open world where players can explore the map after they complete the first mission freely. As a result, you’ll be able to investigate the entire city both casually or in disguise as you try to gather enough evidence to build a case.

Far Cry 6 – new exploration games

new exploration games

The Far Cry franchise is known for having some great big open world maps to explore. That’s true for the latest installment to hit the market this year, Far Cry 6. This installment puts players in a guerrilla fighter set on a fictional Caribbean island, Yara. 

With a ruthless, cruel dictator running the country, players must stop the regime and restore peace to the beautiful island once again. However, there’s quite a bit of exploration to be had in Far Cry 6. Set on a tropical island, you’ll find the environment may not have changed significantly, but there are some interesting points. Likewise, there are many secrets that the developers have thrown into the game for players to grasp.


new exploration games

There are usually a few indie games that become popular each year. In 2021 we released Valheim. This is one of the early access new exploration games, but it puts the player in the role of a deceased Viking. Instead of waking up in the great halls of Valhalla, our hero is in the land of Valheim. It seems that in order to get into Valhalla, players will need to prove their worth to Odin. 

This is by killing enemies on land while maintaining your vitals for survival. There is an incentive to explore the land alone or with several team members. You can hunt down enemies for loot, resources to collect, and just discover what the next land holds. 

It’s a challenging game, of course, and you’ll probably die out in the open, which means it’s best to create portals to help get back to your base.

Metroid Dread – new exploration games

Metroid Dread is placed as the chronological last at the time of writing this game description. In this title, the player finds that the Galactic Federation has discovered new X parasites on a distant planet. 

Sending dedicated EMMI robots to take care of them, the advanced androids will quickly go offline when they land. Now Samus is forced to find out what’s happening on the planet, where she will also discover near-indestructible EMMI robots that will try to hunt her down. 

This is a classic Metroidvania game. Players are forced to explore the map, go tracking, find new powers to move forward, and mark points of interest on the map. The game was such a hit that it caused a large number of players to return to replay some of the more classic Metroid games over the past few years.