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The Best New Sandbox Video Games Of 2021

Sandbox Video Games

There are many great sandbox video games that have gained a strong following of players. With these games, players get more creative freedom in doing whatever they want or their creative ability in completing different tasks. If you’re a sandbox lover and looking for something a little different to enjoy this year, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we’re highlighting some of the best sandbox video game titles you can pick up in the calendar year 2021. Some titles are available now, with some slated for early access release. 

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Sandbox Video Games

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is another niche game on this sandbox video games list that may not appeal to everyone. However, if you love working on cars and want the freedom to do it without the hassle of really hard labor, give this game a try. You’ve probably played the previous one, in which case you’ll probably know what to expect here. This is an enhanced version with more properties to work on existing vehicles, such as vehicle fluids. It’s brand new to this franchise, it’s a game where you’re a mechanic.

Here you will work on broken cars, buy new parts, fix problems, expand garages, flip cars and participate in auctions. You’ll have the freedom to run your own shop, and this can be a good way to learn more about vehicles if you’re completely new to fixing them. However, you may find that this installment has enough quality-of-life changes to make it well worth the purchase or upgrade compared to the previous installment.

Just Die Already – sandbox video games

Sandbox Video Games

From the designers of Goat Simulator comes a quirky new sandbox video game called Just Die Already. In this video game, we are transported into a future where retired old folk just means dead. Coming out of a retirement home, you’ll spend the rest of your golden years trying to accomplish dangerous goals in order to have enough money to get yourself back into the retirement center.

However, being a frail old person means anything can break. Use your body in many ways from launching with catapults, avoiding traffic, crashing down the road on a BMX bike, there’s loads of fun here. Best of all, you can join some friends and create havoc as you tear your limbs and keep walking around hoping to live your best life even when you’re ready to kick into the bucket.

New World – sandbox video games

Sandbox Video Games

Amazon Games is still trying to break into the mainstream video game industry beyond mobile titles. The Grand Tour game from 2019 received mixed reviews, Crucible launched in 2020, a third-person shooter, and later that year the game was canceled. 

Currently, their latest major release is a game called New World which is one of the MMORPG sandbox video games. This game will take players back to the 1600s, where you are shipwrecked on a mystical island filled with supernatural powers. From there, you can forge your destiny as you adventure across the island to see what secrets it might hold. You will equip yourself with precious equipment and start an adventure with options to do PvE along with PvP battles.

The New World is available now, and it’s a premium title. After paying for the game, you won’t have to worry about maintaining a subscription to enjoy this title. However, so far, the reception of this game has been extremely positive. It’s become the MMORPG to play now, but we’ll have to wait and see how the game continues to live on now that it’s on the market.