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The Best New Side Scrolling Games of 2021 For You

new side scrolling

Side-scrolling video games are a fundamental element of video games. It’s just that most of the titles we picked in the early years of gaming would be based on the side scrolling, but as time goes on and we have larger 3D worlds, we see fewer titles of these released. for this genre. That’s not to say you won’t find any new side scrolling titles to play today. In this list, we’ll take a look at some of the cool new video games you can pick up this year.

Eastern Exorcist – new side scrolling

new side scrolling

Eastern Exorcist is an action-switching game that plunges the player into a fictional plot of ancient China. In the game, the narrative war continues over lands that leave nothing but chaos. However, this war coincided with a natural disaster that caused youkai to overwhelm the realm. Now a new, unprecedented battle of mankind has arisen. 

Fortunately, this is the battle that a special warrior, an exorcist, fights. Here, you will play the role of an exorcist demon hunter who will travel across the lands, destroying monsters and bringing peace. Visually, the developers have made this game look like a classic Chinese painting with a background that they hope will convey some beautiful atmospheric scenes to the players.

Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection

new side scrolling

Another blast from the previous game that players might enjoy is Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection. This franchise is back completely reimagined, where you’ll once again have to save time by battling all sorts of diabolical enemies that pop up along the way.

This franchise can be viewed as quite daunting at times, but it has gained a huge following over the years. You can expect another game with simple controls but really difficult. As you progress, players will unlock more magical weapons and skills to use, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go through this game alone. For the first time in the series, you’ll also find a two-player co-op experience available here.

30XX – new side scrolling

new side scrolling

A game is now released but through early access is 30XX, another lifelike action platformer. This particular game takes place after the year 20XX, where our protagonist has awakened thousands of years into the future. You will now discover that life has changed after the arrival of Synthetic Minds took over humanity. If you enjoyed 20XX, then chances are you’ll have just as much fun as 30XX with its new collection of levels, enemies, and powerups. 

However, this is a roguelike title, so there will be a lot of changes made along the way to keep you going. Best of all, when you finish this game you will find that there is a level editor that will come with all the tools to build your unique levels and campaigns. With that said, since this is early access, you’ll likely find plenty of changes made along the way until the game is fully marketed.

Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare DLC

Streets of Rage is a new side scrolling action-defeating title that resurfaces in the days of the Sega Genesis platform. If you have this kind of console, chances are you already have the Streets of Rage collection. There’s so much enjoyment out of these titles that it’s a bit of a surprise to see Streets of Rage 4 suddenly announced and released in 2020. 

Decades later, we love this once-in-a-lifetime gameplay. with a story that follows the events from the previous installments. With that said, fans received a DLC expansion of the game this year called Mr. X Nightmare DLC. While Mr.X was no longer a threat, the gang decided to train for anything else that might come up, and that’s when Dr. Zan was able to tap into Mr. X to do some simulated battles. There are brand new levels, new characters, weapons, and enemies added in this game DLC.

Metroid Dread – new side scrolling

Metroid Dread was a huge hit when it first came out and hopefully shows Nintendo that this IP is still a big deal to this day. This section is currently the last in the chronology. In the story, the Galactic Federation discovers that the X parasite has survived on a distant planet. Sending in specialized robots known as EMMI’s, the Federation soon realized that after the robots landed, they had mysteriously hidden away. 

Now Samus is forced to travel to this distant planet, take care of the X parasite, and find out what’s going on with the EMMI robots that now seem to have turned her into. This is a classic Metroid game with lots of exploration, battles, and power-ups to further the story development.