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The Best Pirate Games of 2021: Best On The High Seas

pirate games

pirate games

The Golden Age of Pirates has inspired many stories, songs, and movies, and pirate games are no exception to its inspirational qualities. It was an era where piracy at sea was rife and was going from point A to point B was a dangerous adventure. The world back then was a rather insecure place, and above all else, it was filled with real-world characters like Blackbeard.

Needless to say, the Golden Era of Pirates has become something of an anchor to video games, competing as a strong genre among guys like zombies, aliens, and robots.

Sea of Thieves – pirate games

  • Developer: Rare
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Platforms: XBO, PC

Sea of ​​Thieves is an action-adventure game revolving around pirates. Players will travel to the open sea with their team as they search for hidden treasures and destroy other groups of pirates that appear along the way.

This is one of the MMO pirate games where players will continuously meet each other throughout their various adventures. Battles will take place both onboard and on land, giving players the full pirate experience. Players will also be able to join safe zones where they can trade, hire new crew members or even search for goods on the black market.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales, TT Fusion
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Platforms: PC, 3DS, DS, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360

Lego-based video games are loved by all ages. In general, games often begin a journey around an established IP, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, players will be watching Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew through the story. Spanning over the first four seasons, players will battle iconic opponents from the movies while collecting items and unlocking new characters.

Blackwake – pirate games

  • Developer: Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd
  • Publisher: Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd
  • Platforms: PC

Blackwake is very similar to Sea of ​​Thieves although it retains a more realistic aesthetic than cartoon characters. Overall, the game is an FPS where groups of players will work together to maintain a pirate ship in vast seas. However, you will be forced to fight against other lurking pirates, meaning work as a team to load cannons, shoot at your enemies, patch holes, and keep your ship free sunk to the depths below.

Currently, Blackwake is still an Early Access game on the Steam platform. The title hit Early Access in 2017, although the developers behind the project are hoping the game will be officially released on the market in February 2018.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: GC, Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the tenth installment in the long-running The Legend of Zelda series. As always, players take on the role of Link but this time the highlight is that players explore the open seas as they fight against Ganon. Like recent installments of the franchise, Wind Waker features 3D gameplay, however, the art style was significantly different from some previous installments at the time. Nintendo has developed pirate games to retain more animation styles with cel balls. This has received a positive reception from fans and critics alike.