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The Best PlayStation 4 Zombie Games You Should Try

PlayStation 4 Zombie Games

PlayStation 4 Zombie Games

Zombies in the media have always been a hit and continue to be released year after year. The video game industry does not have an exception with developers hoping to terrify players as they approach the undead. From gritted teeth to groans of cannibals, there are all kinds of PlayStation 4 Zombie Games.

Telltale The Walking Dead – PlayStation 4 Zombie Games

The Walking Dead is a world phenomenon in a variety of vehicles. Starting out as just a regular monthly comic, they adapt the story into a TV series and later a video game franchise. Arguably the strongest series of The Walking Dead video game series is the series developed by Telltale Games.

If you are familiar with Telltale Games then we really don’t need to say much more. The studio develops very carefully with any franchises they come across, essentially setting up a new story or retelling in-depth about a story that is sure to engage you.

Telltale Games The Walking Dead is sure to give comic or drama fans a fun new story with hard selections and easy enough gameplay mechanics that even the most novice gamers can be grasped without going through the learning process too hard.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us has received countless awards when the studio launched the video game. This is an action, adventure, survival, horror, arcade title. Players will be in a world where a disease that turns humans into mindless creatures similar to zombies has begun to spread across the globe. In the PlayStation 4 Zombie games, players will play as Joe, who must safely hand over a young girl named Ellie to a group across America.

With bandits, thieves, troops, and the last time being infected between Joel and his target, the player will have to carefully move the levels strategically. However, the narrative journey will lengthen your heart leaving you to beg for more. In fact, you can also dive into the sequel right now, though the reception has been split with the game compared to the first.

Resident Evil 2 – PlayStation 4 Zombie Games

Capcom has been an iconic video game development studio for many years. It has delivered a staggering number of IPs. One of them is Resident Evil, a title we’re sure to include on this list. As iconic as this series, it’s no surprise the development team decided to handle remakes.

Unfortunately for gamers, most of the remakes have been devoted to the original one. Although that wasn’t a bad thing for fans of the series. There has been a lot of pleading for the developers to come up with a remake of Resident Evil 2. Well, it took a couple of years but Capcom has done it. They give gamers a remake of Resident Evil 2 for current-generation platforms. This remake does exactly what Capcom did with the original one.

This iconic zombie title has been given with a huge improvement over the graphics department. They treat gamers with a video game that looked as if it belonged to the current generation platforms. Likewise, there are a few other notable changes to make the PlayStation 4 Zombie games in general play better today.