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The Best River City Ransom Games You Should Try

River City Ransom 2

In 1989, River City Ransom was released on Nintendo and immediately invented a genre that matched beat games. A place where you can level up by eating burgers, and beat people up until they say “Barf”. Since the release of the game, several notable sequels have been created.

Downtown Special

River City Ransom 2

Downtown Specia is two things: one, one sip, and two, a sequel to River City Ransom. You heard that’s true. Although the original was a hit in the west, its sequel will never officially leave the shores of Japan. It could be due to the installation, as instead of being set in a modern city, it is set in feudal Japan.

You can boost your stats with the food you’ve bought at the store and buy items that teach you new skills. The gameplay remains the same, except that the stages are more complicated, and there are usually several layers to them. In most ways, this is an improved sequel to the already great base game. It is so bad it never goes west.

River City: Tokyo Rumble

River City Ransom 1

Tokyo Rumble isn’t the first sequel the River City Ransom series has received, but it’s the first direct sequel that feels like it builds from the original in a smart, faithful, and while profitable way of the original. original (from the Japanese game). Also, and this is a big deal, this is one of those 3DS games actually released in the West.

Tokyo Rumble looks great. It is doing something very similar to the Octopath Traveler HD-2D aesthetic. They also went the extra mile with the translation and made sure to give us actual Kunio-Kun characters (instead of their Americanized counterparts), while still delivering a lot of the charm that the original had. translation of the original game was able to convey. Yes, that means you will make your opponent cry “Barf”. This is a winner and absolutely a good reason to dust off the 3ds.

River City Ransom: Underground

Sequel to the American localization timeline, uou have heard that right; We are through the sight glass. This is a great title. It has an extended cast of interesting creatures. It has fast, fluid, and engaging combat (which often fills the screen with a ridiculous number of enemies). It guarantees delivery of the camp that the original game was loaded with.

However, where the underground really excels is a great animation. The sprites themselves look like a natural progression of the original River City redeeming sprites, but they actually put forth an incredible effort at moving and striking the animation beautifully. There are a few side quests here and there that miss the mark, but for the most part, the game gets right.

River City Girls – River City Ransom

River City Ransom

In an age of the beats revival, this might be the best of the bunch (and there are plenty of great games coming out in that space). River City Girls is a colorful, unbelievable, quirky title that balances a rewarding progression system, an engaging combat engine, and a great sense of humor.

The River City Girls feel like the culmination of everything that Ransom River Ransom has been built for over the years. It might be a bit too much in the face of some for some, but if you can gel with manic humor, you’ll find an incredible beat that’s remarkable for you.