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The Best Smartphones Shooter Games On In 2021

Looter Shooters Smartphones Shooter Games

Looter Shooters

We can all look at consoles and PC platforms to enjoy video games, but we all have a few games we all love to pass time on our smartphones. . If you are looking for some new games to enjoy on mobile platforms, then here are some shooters you might want to try out. Please note that these Smartphones Shooter Games are not ranked in any order but we will continue to add more titles to the list throughout the year.

Gods of Boom – Smartphones Shooter Games

Smartphones Shooter Games

Originally called Guns of Boom, we have Gods of Boom, a PvP focused shooter. This game is all about action and just like other popular shooters, you can expect similar season drops like Fortnite.

With less focus on a story and more on getting involved and starting to enter the contest, the new seasons bring different themed costumes and weapons. For example, the latest season at the time of writing this description is season 11, and it features an alien theme with other worlds’ weapons added to the game along with cosmic-style outfits.

PUBG Mobile

By now, you probably already know about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG. It has been a popular battle royale game for a while now, and although other platforms have been used by a number of different battle royale games, you can still find active players on mobile devices. moving. It’s basically the same experience delivered and working on a mobile device.

Fortnite – Smartphones Shooter Games

Smartphones Shooter Games

It was a worldwide hit that is still actively bringing in new players. This battle royale game will last a long time, and if you want to experience Fortnite on the go then you can do so with the smartphone app.

Again, exactly like the standard Fortnite experience but only in mobile format. If you’re living under a rock, this is the battle royale game mode where players drop down an expansive map, gather resources, and try to be the last person standing. It’s an addictive gaming experience, and lots of content is added on a regular basis.

NOVA Legacy – Smartphones Shooter Games

Do you remember NOVA? This is a series of FPS video games from pretty many years ago, and it’s the same game as FPS Halo on smartphones. It’s been a few years since that series ended but the development studio decided to give the series a good little remake.

That’s right, the remastered versions are really hitting smartphone games. This NOVA Legacy is the first three NOVA games but enhanced with new graphics, sounds, and even some game mechanics tweaks. It’s a NOT classic game that we all played many years ago but for one. On top of that, there are still multiplayer modes that you can join.

Shadowgun War Games

Smartphones Shooter Games

Madfinger Games has been mentioned on this list before with Dead Trigger 2 and again for good reason. The development studio knows how to create a solid video game experience for mobile platforms.

We may not have some of the popular hero shooters on other platforms available on mobile, but if you want to experience something like Overwatch through your smartphone then you can go wrong with Smartphones Shooter Games Shadowgun War Games. It’s a 5v5 tactical shooter with a hero squad with unique abilities. On top of that, you have many different maps and game modes to rotate in PvP matches. Also a relatively new game, you can expect an active community of players available.