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The Best Wild Rift Twisted Fate Build, The Deadly Cards Master!

The Best Wild Rift Twisted Fate Build

The best Wild Rift Twisted Fate Deadly Build. Twisted Fate is mostly played as a Mid-laner in Wild Rift. Twisted Fate can put extreme fear for many champions by using his Burst damage and his Crowd Control skill. By using his second skill, he can keep his distance and stun the enemies.To get a better understanding of twisted Fate, let’s take a look at the twisted Fate skill and Build.

The Best Wild Rift Twisted Fate Build

Twisted Fate Skill

Twisted Fate Loaded Dice Ability LoL Wild Rift  Loaded Dice (Passive)

Twisted Fate Gain 2 to 12 bonus gold upon killing a unit.

  Wild Cards

Twisted Fate throws three cards, dealing 60 magic damage (60 + 65%AP).

  Pick a Card

First Cast: Start shuffling Twisted Fate‘s deck.Second Cast: Pick a card to empower his next attack.Red Cards deal 82 magic damage (30 + 50%AP + 100%AD) in an area and slow by 30% for 3s.Blue Cards deal 92 magic damage (40 + 50%AP + 100%AD) and restore 50 Mana.Gold Cards deal 67 magic damage (15 + 50%AP + 100%AD) and stun for 1s.

  Stacked Deck

Passive: Every 4th attack deals 50 bonus magic damage (50 + 40%AP).Active: Gain 55% Attack Speed for 3s. During this time, attacking enemy champions roll Loaded Dice.


First Cast: Reveals all enemy champions for 6s. Second Cast: Channel for 1.5s to teleport to target location.

Twisted Fate Deadly Build Item – Wild Rift Twisted Fate

The Best Wild Rift Twisted Fate Build

[Rod of Ages]

For the first item, you should get the Rod of Ages before other items. Rod of Ages not only grants him some health to sustain but also 60 Ability Power and 300 Mana. Rod of ages restores Twisted Fate Mana equal to 15% damage taken from enemies. The Passive also restores his health equal to 20% Mana you spent (up to 20 HP per second).

[Ionian Boots of Lucidity] – Wild Rift Twisted Fate

For boots, you can choose the Ionian Boots of Lucidity as it givesTwisted Fate a 10% bonus cooldown. The cooldown reduction is really useful for Twisted Fate, who rely on his skills and combos.

[Luden’s Echo]

Next recommended item is Luden’s Echo. This item allows Twisted Fate to be stronger in the early game due to its +80 bonus ability power, 10% bonus cooldown, and 300 Mana. For Luden’s Echo Passive – When reached 100 Discord ,Twisted Fate’s next damaging ability deals +100 AP bonus magic damage to his target and up to 3 nearby enemies.

[Lich Bane] – Wild Rift Twisted Fate

Lich Bane is a crucial item for Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate needs to rely on his combos with his basic attacks. Lich Bane grants him +80 bonus Ability Power, 10% bonus cooldown, and 300 Mana. It also provides a 5% bonus Movement Speed for Twisted Fate to support more efficiently.

[Rabadon’s Deathcap]

Next item is Rabadon’s Deathcap. It gives a massive boost to Twisted Fate Ability Power. Rabadon’s Deathcap grants Twisted Fate +130 Ability Power and +40% bonus Ability Power from it passive. Enemies will find it difficult to withstand Twisted Fate’s combos and attacks with Rabadon’s Deathcap.

[Void Staff]

Next, you may want to get Void Staff in the late game because enemies  would have already purchased defence items or magic-resist items, so it would be harder for Twisted Fate to put some damage on them. This item grantsTwisted Fate +70 Ability Power with a Passive that provides you with +40% magic penetration.

[Stasis Enchant] – Wild Rift Twisted Fate

Lastly, you should upgrade Ionian Boots of Lucidity to Stasis Enchant. Twisted Fate is quite squishy, ​​if he’s targeted by Assassin. This item allows you to become invulnerable for 2.5s but unable to move, attack, cast abilities or use items.