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Heroes of the Storm: The Butcher Talent Build Guide

The Butcher

The Butcher is a melee Assassin who uses his Fresh Meat mechanic to significantly increase power as the match progresses. The first part of the match will include him trying to complete the Fresh Meat mission as soon as possible. This increase in physical damage and attack speed strengthens him. His basic attacks hit extremely strong, giving him very high sustained damage. However, with the help of the Furnace Blast, he can also do extremely high AoE explosion damage. Crowd control and concentrated firepower from the opponent are the biggest threat, as both inhibit Butcher’s Brand’s healing, his only defense.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Butcher

The Butcher


  • Strong duelist
  • Extremely high sustained damage
  • A large amount of health can be restored with Butcher’s Trademark Emblem
  • Special explosive damage with furnace icon Explosion
  • Onslaught Ruthless Onslaught Icons allow easy joining and ganking


  • Extremely susceptible to explosive damage and crowd control, including Blinds
  • Various ways for the opponent’s Hero to neutralize both of his Hero abilities
  • If he is unable to use Basic Strike on a target marked with his Brand Emblem, he will fall down very quickly in teamfights.
  • Losing the fresh meat icon Fresh meat on death can be difficult to recover
  • Usually requires a team to be built around him

Talent Build

Ruthless Onslaught Build

The Ruthless Onslaught build has a healthy combination of survivability, utility, and a reliable amount of damage. Ruthless Onslaught’s cooldown reduction significantly increased his ability to gank and roam while the Meat Shield and Enraged greatly reduced the damage he would receive when fighting enemies. Lamb to the Slaughter allows The Butcher to lock and shred a target (usually an assassin or isolated assist), while the Slaughterhouse at Level 20 offers an incredible source of multi-target crowd control.

Hamstring Build

Hamstring Build focuses on maximizing damage by enhancing Hamstring’s performance at the cost of survivability and utility. This build works well against enemy Heroes, who can easily drop him around by increasing movement speed or closing distance. The Flail Ax’s Hammer length increased and its cooldown reduction from Invigoration will allow him to land more easily with the Hammer and reapply the ability’s slow. Insatiable Blade and Bolt of the Storm can help him stick to the desired target even more, especially if you acquire a Furnace Blast.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

The Butcher works best with allies that can provide him with additional means of survival after he crashes into the opposing team. This was because often he would become the main target of his concentration after engaging in the Cruel Offensive. The Allies have some form of hard crowd control that can track Ruthless Onslaught is also a welcome addition.

Countered by:

Butcher’s “all” playstyle tends to be influenced by Heroes who are able to completely stop his damage through mitigating or controlling hard mobs. Blinds, Silences, Stuns, and Invulnerability worked well to keep The Butcher in place.

Maps of The Butcher

The Butcher

One of his greatest strengths lies in his ganking ability as he roams the Battlefield, especially during the early part of the game. This is why he’s the most valuable on a 3-lane map that requires a huge amount of rotation. This constant rotation will often result in the enemy Heroes being isolated as they try to gain experience or push lanes. Butcher and his allies should try to capitalize on this false position and take down too wide foes.