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The Forgotten City Guide – Tips For New Players

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City

The forgotten city comes from a first world. What was once an excellent Skyrim murder mystery mod (and the first mod ever to receive a Writers Guild Award, per Nexus Mods) is now a finished product. Who broke the golden rule? Everyone in the city’s life is at stake because if even one person commits a crime, everyone will meet their end.

Reset The Loop

Your goals in the Forgotten City require you to converse with many different people. Taking that into account, you can assume that mistakes will happen. Choosing the wrong dialogue option, whether by chance or through experimentation, can easily lead you astray from your desired path. These mistakes can be as simple as making a character uncomfortable or not using exactly the words they want.

Fortunately, you still have the old belief: the golden rule. All you have to do is simply commit a crime. Break that shiny rule. It could be shooting an arrow at someone, or taking away something that clearly doesn’t belong to you. Any chaos you choose, causes it, then return to the time portal and reset the time loop.

Talk To Characters

The Forgotten City is a game of deduction and seduction. As such, if you’re a player who can’t resist talking to every NPC insight, you’ll be in your element. Even if a character seems unimportant, give it a try. You never know if they might have useful information. After all, it’s very possible that trying to speed up the run or dash in the game will ruin the overall experience, especially for a game of this style.

With a focus on speaking away to unravel the details of a mystery, the game’s appeal rests on its characters. How they choose to live their lives, what details they reveal or don’t reveal, their mistakes; every aspect of them is at the heart of the game and the value you will get from it. Furthermore, your progress is still relatively intact after resetting a loop, so reset.

Save Often – The Forgotten City

While the consequences can be minimal, making mistakes that keep you from getting out of the loop, like choosing the wrong dialogue options (options don’t tend to be as fun as they do in Fallout: New Vegas, sadly. ), may become more severe. However, they can be avoided. If you save before doing anything dangerous, such as joining a conversation that seems risky, you can bypass being locked out of loops by reloading said save.

You can simply reset the loop, but you can also just go to the menu, select the save state and continue. With the information gathered, you can quickly make the right decision. The real currency is saved here, then, is time.

Choose Suitable Class – The Forgotten City

In the Forgotten City, after waking up from a deep sleep, your player character is approached by a mysterious stranger. This stranger serves as a way to choose your profession or class. You have four options to choose from: Fugitive, Amnesiac, Soldier, or Archaeologist.

  • The Fugitive option favors those who want to go fast. You’ll find yourself moving 25 percent faster. The combat parts just got a little easier and walking in the city moves at a much faster pace.
  • Choosing Amnesiac is beneficial for those who are not confident with the game’s combat. Thanks to a head butt you will take 50% less damage in battle and be much easier to survive.
  • The Soldier option is suitable for fans of FPS titles (a genre with many great games) to a limited extent. With this class, you will get a gun. However, only ten bullets are provided, so aim wisely as they are all you get. 
  • Finally, the Archaeologist is a great choice for those who love to invest completely in the lore of the game. This class gives more information about the city as you explore and more details when talking to the NPCs.