July 28, 2021


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The Full Share On How To Play Gyrocopter Dota 2



For a game like Dota 2, the instructions for playing games and controlling heroes are indispensable. For how to play Gyrocopter Dota 2, you can combine many different styles to form your own style of play. Let’s analyze the following tactics related to “Old man flying a Gyrocopter“.

Introducing the beginning of the game on how to play


At first glance, this hero of League of Legends fans will immediately think of Corki. The two heroes have a nearly absolute similarity in both appearance and skill system.

However, it cannot be said that these two heroes are no different. Each hero owns a unique quality. The image of the old man with a unique beard style and flying a plane equipped with modern weapons is so familiar in Dota 2. You can immediately see that this hero will be an AD hero, mainly a Long-range attack and physical damage.

He possesses the ability to travel extremely flexible, he can turn the situation in a blink of an eye. He is ready to wipe out the enemy team if you have already packed up and reached your max level. This hero can also be selected for different versatile positions such as ganker, carry, or semi carry.

A ranged hero like he will be an effective dame for single fights. If you are a veteran player you will know when to advance and when to retreat with him. This article will introduce you to some suitable tricks when holding this versatile hero.

Gyrocopter and his advantages


Perhaps it will be difficult to find a hero capable of attacking and defending like him. He will become extremely badass at different stages of the game. What you need to do is to maximize his following unique advantages:

Large area damage is the first advantage of Gyrocopter. If you are an AD carry, the more damage to the enemy team, the better. The amount of damage done can focus on a single target. It is also possible that the amount of damage will be divided equally between different targets. But the second purpose is still preferred. Any team wants to do the most damage possible in team fights. The amount of damage done will be proportional to the home team’s ability to win.

He is considered a strong hero from the beginning to the mid-game. This hero possesses many advantages from his skill set. Especially for Flak Cannon, the most powerful skill of this hero. Flak Cannon can smash enemy squads with a single keystroke. The amount of damage that this skill is relatively large, along with the rather nasty effects for enemy heroes to deal with. The remaining skills will support the purpose of destroying enemies in his sights.

How to play Gyrocopter through overcoming disadvantages

Of all heroes, to maximize the advantages of quality, limiting weakness is the first priority. For this hero, too, please refer to the following ways to overcome weaknesses:

The range of this hero is quite short although he is an AD hero. This makes the combat with his appearance limited. You should choose the position standing near the home SP team to be able to ensure safety during the attack. Besides, decisive and competing with the enemy team is also a way to limit this weakness. If they cannot catch you, no matter how short your range is.

Movement speed is like a turtle crawling compared to other AD carries. Despite being able to ride a fully equipped fighter, Gyrocopter is quite poor in running. It is this restriction that makes our AD hero an easy target. You should be equipped with additional speed and also have activation support attached. These items will help you become more mobile, faster, and more difficult to catch.

Besides, he also has the main drawback is that the late game he becomes too weak compared to the mid-range AD in Dota 2. This disadvantage can only be overcome through your own skills. The way you combine his skills.