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The Gunk Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

The Gunk

The Gunk

The Gunk takes place in the far reaches of space, Rani and her partner, Beck, land on an alien planet because they are in need of resources and jobs. What they found was a planet contaminated with this black rust, which they dub as the titular gunk. What begins as a fueling mission becomes a journey deep dive into an ancient civilization.

Explore Thoroughly

The Gunk

The Gunk doesn’t offer a good map, so players will have to set their own sharp directions. They should survey an area when entering the game, try to look up and down to spot anything that looks like it could be climbed.

It’s also important to scan everything in sight, some plants and rocks can be sucked up for use during the aforementioned upgrade. Other things will help Rani get more ideas about what she can do to upgrade her gear. It doesn’t make the most sense but that’s the philosophy of the game. Players don’t have to understand it, they just have to follow it.

Be Aware Of Fall Damage – The Gunk

Platform games need to have solid mechanics to make their jumping more fun and intuitive, that should be the goal of any entry in this genre but it falters a bit on that. Some gaps require perfect pixel hopping, One wrong move and it can cause spelling trouble. If the player falls into bad water or a deep hole, this will return them to the last solid ground.

It’s not instant death but it can still be frustrating for players who know they should make the leap. Another fundamental thing that can confuse players is the inconsistency with jumping from locations. Sometimes they can make the jump while other times the game will send the player back to solid ground as if they were in danger. Just be careful. That’s overall advice when it comes to dancing. 

Use Headphones

The Gunk

Much of the story is told through the main characters, Rani and Beck, chatting back and forth on their radio. Many people prefer to turn off subtitles for most games, however, it is important to enabling subtitles in The Gunk. It can be difficult to hear the conversations even when the sound is adjusted in the options.

Headphones will also help you with this dilemma, however, some players may not have a pair at their disposal. The downside to this is that the overall sound of the game is pretty quiet, different from Rani and Beck’s jokes, this can make the headset seem superfluous. Ultimately, whichever path a player chooses will help them in the long run in the game.

Save Often – The Gunk

The Gunk

Thankfully, the game allows players to save at any time. However, there is one point to note: all progress will be logged but Rani will have to restart from the last checkpoint when the player uploads their file. Not every game can be like Pokemon that has allowed players to save and resume exactly where they left off in the 90s. It would be great if more developers followed this idea, but it still receives strong support when meeting players midway.