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The Ideal Parachute Location In Call Of Duty Warzone

parachute location

parachute location

Similar to other Call Of Duty versions, Call Of Duty Warzone is a battle of life and death for 150 other players to find the final winner. The first challenge that you need to overcome is to choose a parachute location that is both safe and loot. This will be a great stepping stone for you to gradually conquer the next goals. Check out the article below to find the ideal locations.

Arklov Peak Military Base – parachute location

parachute location

This base area is located at the North end of the map and close to the mountain, so the advice for you when landing this parachute location is to loot and prepare the fighting spirit as soon as you set foot down. Here, gamers can find some high-damage weapons.

Verdansk Stadium

This is also a place chosen by many gamers because it is located in the center of the map. However, you should not land on the roof of the stadium because there are many planes flying around. Instead, jump inside the stadium, which has 5 transportation options for you to choose from. Besides, there are 5 shopping stations ready to open to welcome customers.

Verdansk International Airport

parachute location

The airport is the largest area of ​​the Verdansk map with many good equipments that players can loot. But it also means that you will have to encounter many other players. If you do not want to encounter too soon, gamers can choose to jump to the nearby air tower, even though they do not have many things to loot in this parachute location.

Verdansk Train Station

It owns large buildings with lots of weapons, cash for you to loot freely. In addition, there are 2 Buggy and 3 Buy Station convenient for moving and shopping. In addition, the train station is not a very popular place, so you will “breathe easier” when you jump down here.

Zordaya Prison Complex – parachute location

From a distance, it looks like a castle, the prison is a place where gamers can easily find themselves a means of transportation from roads to helicopters to support running to the safe zone.