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The Legend Of Bum-Bo Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

The latest installment in the world of Binding of Isaac was released this week in the form of The Legend of Bum-Bo. Quirky, rebellious, and dangerously addictive, Bum-Bo is essentially a mobile game with a cynical style. Match four, five, or six pieces of manure in a row and you can hurl it at the mutant enemies in your drainage. Marketing itself as a “deck building” game with no options for not picking up cards, the game has also attracted some bad press because of its buggy nature and simple gameplay.

The Fundamentals – The Legend Of Bum-Bo

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

To get anywhere in this game, you’ll have to get used to the basic system, which involves combining Poo, Urine, Teeth, Nose, and Bones to simultaneously attack your enemies and gain Mana. Mana is color-coded for different types of discharges and will power up different Spells. 

More on that later. The goal is to use enough combo attacks by combining 4, 5, or 6 in a row, and destroy your opponent with Magic while keeping yourself healthy and avoiding the Curse. You have three lanes and two plains where enemies can appear – right, left, middle, up, and down. Between certain levels you will encounter a character that allows you to choose two cards at random, each containing a new Spell.

Defensive Bodily Functions

Poo: Combining Poo on the board gives you Brown Mana and acts as a barrier to stop enemies from attacking you. Their attacks will simply melt into Poo, just like in The Binding of Isaac, where Poo’s barriers prevent you from shooting or walking. Use these defensively and try to combine more than 4. 7 Poos in a row will give you one block in each lane, with 3 HP each.

Urine: Urine in The Legend Of Bum-Bo gives you Mana Gold and allows you to do more moves. Each turn you’ll have a finite number of moves determined by your progress and strength, but a quick combo with Urine will give you an extra turn or two. Urine also affects Mana Gold.

Snot: Taking a row of Snot will give you a strong brushing effect. You can throw it into an enemy lane and trap them, unable to move or fight you for that turn. Each Snot combo can be stacked up to three times, blocking up to 9 moves of any enemy. Snot also affects Green Mana.

Offensive Body Parts

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

Bones: Fairly simple to master, pointing Bones at your enemies will damage them for up to three points per Bone combo. Bones in The Legend Of Bum-Bo will add to your fragment spells and collect White Mana. If you’re lucky enough to match 7 bones in a row, Death will be summoned and will send a wave of Bones on random enemies.

Teeth: These seem to do a bit more damage than Bones, and will give you Black Mana. Match enough of them (7 together) and you will deal 4 damage to all enemies at once.

Special Items – The Legend Of Bum-Bo

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

You may also encounter Hearts, Stars, and Curses on your board, each with their own attributes. The heart will help you heal, and the more the better; The stars will act as a ‘wild card’, and Curses will harm YOU, so be careful to avoid them.

Combining 7 of these offensives, defensive, or special items (yes, even the Curse) will get you achievements, and the offensive and defensive items will yield Ultimate Strength when maximum increase.