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The Medium Guide – Tips You Need To Know Before Started

The Medium

The Medium is the latest Microsoft exclusive game, developed and published by Bloober Team studio. The game belongs to the psychological horror genre, a genre that studios are no stranger to. Before shipping it, the studio behind the game created Layers of Fear and Observer, both horror games that received positive reviews.


The Medium

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this game is the built-in split-screen feature. Everyone is forced to control a moving character in two separate realities at the same time. It’s a very cool, unorthodox concept, but it can take some getting used to.

Players may be tempted to look at only one of the screens, but they should take their time and get used to the idea of ​​going back and forth between both screens. Often, there will be items that can be found in one reality but are not accessible in another.

Read The Items

There are many items waiting to be found in The Medium. Nor are they simply placed in the game for the sake of having something to explore. Many of those items are integral to the story and can help the player on their journey.

When choosing an item with text on it, players should take the time to read them. Make sure to tap the prompt to read the text on the screen.

Adjust The Video Settings

Many scenes in The Medium are darker than usual, which of course makes sense considering the game’s aesthetic. However, this can be an obstacle when the player is trying to discover the necessary items.

To mitigate this, regardless of whether someone is playing a game on a PC or an Xbox Series X, they should adjust the video and brightness settings to their liking to ensure that they don’t miss essential materials.

Always Use Insight – The Medium

The Medium

Insight is an ability that players will discover very early in the game. Immediately after gaining Insight, the player must look for every opportunity to use this handy technique.

Marriane’s Insight will allow you to spot and identify things that you would most likely miss if not likely. These are essential in both completing the story and collecting items. Once the player has the ability, they can simply look around to spot interesting things.

Watch The Arm – The Medium

The spirit world is a central existential aspect of the game’s story and gameplay. While the players are here, they will face situations where they will have to defend themselves.

This was where Marianne could use her spiritual energy as a defensive measure. However, it can be easy to use all of her powers carelessly, causing them to deplete faster. The players can note that by looking at Marriane’s arm. Her arm will glow white if she still has spiritual energy to spare.

Play With Headphones – The Medium

The Medium

As soon as someone starts a game, an on-screen prompt will immediately advise them to play the game with a headset. This is a piece of advice that everyone should absolutely heed.

Throughout the game, there will be faint whispers that the player will have to pay attention to in order to get out of the shell of this game. Wearing a pair of headphones at a moderate volume will help you detect them easily.