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Rainbow Six Siege: The most effective guide to playing Clash!



A heavy-duty defensive agent with a 3-speed 1 armor, Clash is equipped with the special CCE bulletproof shield (“Crowd Control Electro Shield) that counts as her main weapon. When equipped, it will automatically expand and shield the entire body, including the left and right sides and on the head.

This is also the only shield in the entire game capable of damaging enemies, through the ability to generate electricity in the front. Any attacking agent who is within the reach of the CCE at a maximum distance of about 12m will receive 3HP damage per second and a temporary decrease in movement speed. It can also “electrocute” more than one target if enemies come close to each other or line up in front of Clash.

Different From Other Operator With The Role


The first glance of CCU may make many people think that Clash is just a simple “copy” of Montagne on the defensive side, but actually the similarity of both simply lies in bulletproof shields.

Unlike Montagne, the CCU shield does not obscure your view, making it a perfect tool for collecting enemy location information – meaning you can scout through the entire screen. Play with a mobile version of the Black Mirror mirror.

CCU does not force the player to hold a button to use the device to shield, but in return, she can not make melee attacks while using the shield. So she is almost useless if you go alone, despite having an effective scouting role, so the best “team” characters for you would be …

Suitable Operator for Clash

Any “wandering” agent will perform well a protective role for her (and vice versa), but if you have to choose specific names, Caveira and Ela will be the characters to take advantage of.

With Ela, Clash can lure (or pinch) enemies into positions that are pre-set to stun mines, creating the perfect trap. With Caveira, quick-thinking players can obscure enemy vision and firepower while Caveira is busy “interrogating” prey.

Advanced Tactics for Clash


Despite having special equipment with quite straightforward uses, she can support versatile allies by taking advantage of the environment.

First, in the event that Mira’s Black Mirror is destroyed, she can use the shield to cover the hole left by the mirror. It will not block the enemy’s vision, but teammates will not need to worry about being “malfunctioning” after the strategic position is disabled.

She can disable Claymore mines placed under windows that normally require Impact Grenade or quick reflexes to shatter it. Put the shield behind you, jump out the window and quickly turn your back to Claymore, it will explode and “only” draw about 30-40HP of you.

Similar to above, she can’t cover the big hole in solid wall created by Thermite, but what about small holes left by Hibana and Maverick? Does not matter. Of course, remember not to get too close to the hole, because you can still be hit with melee.

She is equipped with two support devices: barbed wire and grenades that explode when touching the target (Impact Grenade), and the choice of which device is up to you. However, I personally prefer the barbed wire more, because you can place it at the choke points and they will work in harmony with your discharge function, maximizing your ability to do it. Slow to the enemy.

The last function and quite a few opportunities to be used, Clash can stand in front of the window and block any attack agents are … swinging rope from outside. You can also temporarily block an enemy’s path behind a fixed bulletproof shield, keep a distance, continue to “shock” and back away as the enemy approaches and prepares to jump over the shield.