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Rainbow Six Siege: The most effective guide to playing Nomad



Basically, the main role of Nomad is still to find and destroy (entry frag). But unlike the leading positions of the battlefield like Zofia or Ash, she mostly takes advantage of the chaos when the two sides engage in key positions to hook tires or catch at the roamer in narrow corridor areas.

If you know how to play Jackal, you will see many similarities with Nomad, especially in the characteristics of collecting the position of the enemy. If Jackal directly forces the enemy to change positions, she will play more passively while waiting for the prey to enter the trap and give the attackers a great advantage in dealing with the roamer.

Advantages of Nomad 

  • The ability to withstand more than one enemy at the same time effectively, if you certainly know how to use Airjab.
  • Good resistance to proactive roamers constantly puts pressure on the attackers.
  • Extremely good defensive defenses.

Defect of Nomad 

  • Weapons are difficult to control.
  • Airjab does not allow retrieval after it has been fired.
  • Airjab loading speed is slow.

Special Devices of Nomad 


Similar to Buck’s Masterkey, her Airjab Launcher is a device mounted under the barrel of a gun capable of firing three mines at any surface in the environment. When launched, they will have a second to activate and display a sphere of spherical activity. Any defensive agent entering this range will be subjected to thrust toward the opposite of the Airjab mine, disabling the ability to move for about 1.5 seconds.

However, please note that both Nomad and her teammates can fully withstand the impact of Airjab if standing within range while the enemy activates its impact.

You should:

  • Place Airjab of Nomad out of sight of enemies: at par with people, Airjab will launch the character away with a distance of twice its activation range. Placing Airjab on high will cause the enemy to be pushed right along the way, making it easier for you to locate the enemy, as well as Airjab is harder to detect.
  • Place the Airjab in tight corners: enemies pushed into a wooden wall will be able to … fly through the wooden wall and give them a chance to evacuate from your sight. Place the Airjab so that it pushes the enemy into the railing or fortified or indestructible wall, they will hardly have a chance to disperse.
  • Place Airjab near the bomb defroster: in case the attacker has successfully removed it, Airjab will be a very solid defense tool. Placing the Airjab so that the enemy is pushed away from the safe clearing area so you can easily kill or spend valuable time are all good methods.
  • Combine Airjab with stun grenades: do you and your teammates need to attack the target area? Ask any agent with stun grenades or Zofia / Ying to bombard the cover in the area, while the enemy has lost sight, shoot Airjab at these hiding places and the enemy will not have a chance The guild recognized the trap right next to her.

You shouldn’t:

  • Place Airjab in the middle of the way: you only have 3 mines and cannot recover them after launching, decide exactly where you want to set the trap!
  • Place the Airjab of Nomad on the opened hatch: mines can knock down enemies from above, but cannot impact on a free-falling character. For example, if an enemy jumps from the first floor to the basement hatch, Airjab will only activate when he touches the ground, but will completely “die” if he is in the air even if within range.
  • Firing Airjab at the wire, fortified walls, fixed anti-bullet shields were charged, it would be destroyed just like Ash’s grenade launcher.