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Mobile Legends: The Most Over-Powerful Build Items for Atlas!


Mobile Legends Atlas is a Tank hero who has the skill and advantages in crowd control and damage resistance. In fact, he can lock up to five heroes at once if he uses the skill with the right timing . So it’s no wonder, if this hero becomes one of the favorite Tank heroes for most professional players in Mobile Legends! 

If you want to use this one hero. We have a recommendation for the build that is really Overpowered for Atlas. Let’s check out the following below.


The Overpower Atlas Build Items

Demon Shoes

First, you should buy Demon Shoes. This item can provide additional +30 Mana Regen and Attribute +40 Movement Speed. And, his unique passive can also recover Mana by 10% if Atlas manages to kill an enemy or get an assist.

Shadow Mask

Shadow Mask is a roam item suitable for Atlas’s second item. The reason is, this item can add +700 HP, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, and +25 Movement Speed ​​Attribute. In fact, this item also has an active skill that can be used to enter Concael Mode at the team of a nearby team.


The third item suitable for use by this Tank hero is Immortality. This item can add +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense to Atlas. In addition, its unique passive can resurrect 2 seconds after the hero is killed and get 15% HP and a Shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

Oracle – Atlas

This defense item will add +850 HP, +36 Magical Defense, and + 10% Cooldown Reduction for Atlas. Oracle, also has a unique passive which can increase shield absorption and HP regeneration effect by 25%.

Twilight Armor

During the late game, this Twilight Armor defense item will really help him to strengthen his defense. Where, this item can provide additional +1200 HP, +400 Mana, and +50 HP Regen. Interestingly, this item will provide Physical Damage reduction, but will not exceed 900.

Athena’s Shield

And finally, you can use Athena’s Shield items. This item can add +900 HP, +56 Magical Defense, and +20 HP Regen for Atlas. And, its unique passive can provide a Damage-Absorbing Shield every 30 seconds.

Atlas Basic Skill Combo Mobile Legends

Skill 2 /  Skill 3 / Skill 3 / Skill 1

Until you cast your ultimate position correctly to protect all enemies within your ultimate range. Check the length of the stun, when the timer is about to stop. Using the second phase of the ultimate.

So, that was the recommendation for the best and overpowered Mobile Legends Atlas Build.  So, Stay tuned for more news and updates!