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The new couple in the bottom lane duo is stirring the League of Legend rank Korea

Even after losing a lot of strength in 10.13, Yuumi still becomes a hot pick in the quite Zed Yuumi at the new couple in the bottom lane.

Because it is home to the world’s top players, Korean rankings always have the most experimental and innovative meta leader in League of Legends. Therefore, Korean Rank continues to appear many the new couple in the bottom lane when they go together. In this article, we will learn who are they?

NOCTURNE + KAYLE – The new couple in the bottom lane

Nocturw and Kayle are one of the new couple in the bottom lane, but their chemistry is extremely high. When combined with Kayle, the Nocturne lanes can be safely farmed thanks to self-recovery as well as Kayles. When reaching level 3, the duo can “dry blood” immediately with the enemy gunner. Because of the speed of Nocturne’s Q and Kayle’s Q, Nocturne can approach and panic the target very easily with E, if blocked. Nocturne can also block a skill with his W to continue to attack the prey. This combo will be even scarier if supported by the jungler.

At level 6, the duo can call down the jungle and the pole is extremely simple: Nocturne will fly in with the ultimate Paranoid. Kayle and the jungler will deal damage and Nocturne will be immortal buff when needed set. If Nocturne can’t be hit, he can also gank in another area with his ultimate and return to the bot lane to continue farming.

Late game Nocturne can go with Kayle to push the lane quite well because of the duo 2v2’s very strong fight. In teamfights, Nocturne will play the role of an assassin as usual and try to take down the main enemy team as quickly as possible.


Basically, this bot duo will rely on the “big hand” of Zed is a lot. Because Zed will need to farm minions, poke and evade continuously. Avoiding letting Yuumi spend too much energy on buffing health. Yuumi’s business will be mainly preening and buffing Zed’s health. But when Zed decides to “play big” to defeat a certain target, Yuumi needs to come in and out in time to support Zed’s skills.

At level 6, the duo has the ability to engage extremely strongly whether it is 2v2 or 3v3 (with either forest or mid). So mid and teammates should take advantage now to support Zed to snowball in the bottom lane. As for Zed, as well as Nocturne, if he can’t get the kills on the bot lane, he can gank with his teammates to get Rift Herald and return to the bot lane.

In the late game, Zed should go solo to make use of his killer generals. Yuumi can follow Zed or go with other teammates to fight 3v3 or 4v4.