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Valorant: All You Need To Know About The New Healer Skye



Skye is the new Valorant agent that will be released shortly after Act 3’s release date. The Aussie eco-warrior boasts an intriguing combination of abilities from scouting and support, to direct initiation skills. will help her and her team navigate around the map with ease.

For Sage struggling since the recent nerf, her arrival means you finally have an alternative if you want to heal an injured teammate, but that’s it. will not be your main role. Instead, she excels at initiating attack moves thanks to her Q and E abilities, both of which provide a small amount of scouting, but can also be turned into outrageous attacks. direction when you have found the target.

Skye – E: Guiding Light


Cost: 100

Equip a hawk jewelry item. Fire to send it forward. Hold the fire to guide the hawk in the direction of your crossbones. Use it again while the hawk is in flight to turn it into a flash.

This is her signature ability so you always start with one charge, but you can buy two more.

This is actually a flash that the Skye can bend around corners, giving you much greater control over where it explodes and how long it moves. The hawk also makes a squeak if it successfully blinds someone, which provides your team with information so you can turn around the corner and get a free option. The hawk can be shot out into the air, so there it will provide some information as well.

Skye – Q – Trailblazer

Cost: 200

Armed with a set of Tasmanian tiger jewelry. Shoot out and control the enemy. While controlling, fire to jump forward, explode in a shocking blast and deal direct damage to enemies.

We don’t have an exact damage figure yet, but it doesn’t seem to be a variable damage figure. Like Guiding Light, it can also be shot and destroyed while active. It should also be noted that while controlling this ability, the mascot is nearsighted, so you won’t be able to read any foresight, however, clearing the corners is easy enough. This is the kind of ability you’ll want to use to get past close corners – just have a moving teammate ready to kill for free.

C – Regrowth


Cost: 200

Equipped with a healing trinket. Hold fire to channel, heal allies within range and line of sight. Can be used again until her healing is exhausted. Skye is unable to heal herself.

We don’t have data on the heal per second or the heal radius, but it seems that the area is large enough to cover most of a location and the heal is a bit slower than the pod. Sage’s healing bridge. This is great if you are stacked on top of one location and are under a lot of pressure from the opposing team – just Skye helps everyone recover from the shock of the arrow, the bot explodes, and the paint shell shoots off.

X – Seekers

Equip jewelry for Seekers. Shoot to dispatch three Seekers to track down the three nearest enemies. If a Seeker hits its goal, it will approach them.

This ability is really great for securing a plant if you don’t have a quantitative advantage – it’s also great to pop out before growing on site. The fact that the Seeker drone will operate simply means you can focus on gunfights and clear corners.