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The Outer Worlds Guide – Tips And Tricks You Will Need

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

Do you want the best chance of surviving in the hostile surroundings of the Halcyon System? Our tips for Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds will help you identify all the marauders, monsters, and terrors crawling beyond the colony’s walls.

Get Used To With The Menus

Like any worthwhile RPG, The Outer Worlds boasts menus and lots of them. Take a moment after the game starts to look through these screens, figuring out where all the relevant information and systems are located. Some, like your skill window, can seem information-packed and overwhelming. But don’t worry! Despite some questionable design choices, the game wanted to make the experience as easy as possible.

The Outer Worlds

Pay special attention to the bottom part of the screen. Some menus, like questlog, can be used for different purposes, while the map screen can switch between showing your immediate surroundings or the entire area.

Exploring The Unreliable

Once you’ve sorted your affairs on Terra 2’s Earth-like planet, you’ll gain access to a spaceship called The Unreliable. It will act as an operating base for the rest of the game, as well as a home for you and any companions you recruit along the way. It is well worth it to familiarize yourself with its interior from the get-go. It contains a workbench for improving your weapons and armor, a navigation terminal for exploring the Halcyon System, a kitchen where your companions often gather and socialize, and more.

Like Normandy in the Mass Effect series, there are hidden secrets and hidden features to reward your diligent exploration. For example, a machine somewhere on the ship will refund all your skills and perks, allowing you to rebalance things for a small fee.

Dialog Skills – The Outer Worlds

You will soon discover an opportunity to use your mouth to solve problems rather than using a gun. Doing so in certain situations can be not only encouraging but also completely beneficial, leading to greater rewards or unexpected results. Always consider relying on Persuasion, Lie or Threat: it not only opens up new options and builds your character, but you also gain experience each time regardless of the outcome.

The Outer Worlds

Note that certain dialog checks have skill requirements and will be restricted if you don’t meet the prerequisites. Consider investing in things you enjoy using as you level up.

In The Outer Worlds, dialogue skills also affect combat by imposing debuffs on your enemies. A high Intimidate skill will cause your enemies to flee from your presence, while a substantial Lie has a chance to cause autos to attack each other.

Leveling Up – The Outer Worlds

This is an RPG, which means you will level up steadily. Fortunately, the process is much easier than creating. At even levels you’ll be rewarded with 10 skill points and a perk (we’ll cover these in a moment); Odd numbers only give ten points. While you can certainly spread your skill points freely among the seven root options, we recommend specialization. The only really required skill would be Dialog, as some of the best stuff in The Outer Worlds comes from interacting with the rich cast of NPCs.

The Outer Worlds

Here are some suggestions if you’re having trouble deciding:

  • There’s no need to be excellent at melee weapons, guns, and defense. You will select companions with their own strengths and weaknesses and perhaps bring them in to cover what you lack.
  • Leadership is a great skill to strengthen your friends. Invest here if you want to focus on being social and stealthy, letting them handle the steamy job of dispatching enemies for you.
  • Tech skills can offer many benefits, including better healing and the lower cost of upgrading your weapons. It also unlocks skill-specific dialog options, making this a hard option to ignore.