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The player climbing rank of Challenge with 5 accounts in 5 different positions

climb rank of Challenge

climb rank of Challenge

It is true that climb rank of Challenge, players just need to be qualified enough. Which position or play the champion is not important in there anymore.

Mutant in climb the rank of Challenges

Previously we have seen Showmaker rank when performing climb rank of Challenge. But play with only a champion, now we have other mutants that reach this rank. Not only 1 but 5 times in This season with 5 different positions. This respectable player is called MagiFelix, a young talent born in 2000 who currently plays for Fnatic’s youth team.

He also possesses a very good top lane ability

As you know, climb rank of Challenge has always been the highest rank of League of Legends. To reach this milestone, gamers need a very good level of understanding of the game. Even in some servers like South Korea, climb rank of Challenge is also a place for professional gamers to practice skills. Such as handling champions, making decisions, or moving properly.

For many people, when they climb rank of Challenge, they have been a dream and only wish to achieve this rank once in life (even someone who has just climbed to Challenger has to thank all of his friends and relatives). But for high-level gamers, they also want to present their own challenges, not just climbing the normal rank.

MagiFelix can use a comprehensive champion

Most players from fuzzy to Challenger when they climb rank of Challenge will often have a certain style of play. They will not use other champions or completely opposite to their gameplay. And the thing that makes people admire MagiFelix is that he has an extremely wide pool of champions. He can play almost every champion in all 5 positions. It is extremely rare because players who tend to attack with the Assassin and Gladiator are difficult to play support positions but this guy can do it.

With deep knowledge and good skills in all 5 positions, MagiFelix is a gem that Europe currently owns. The LEC players they are currently going through are at the peak of their careers (like Fnatic’s own Rekkles). The region’s League of Legends scene needs a new generation to replace. MagiFelix is perhaps the most prominent name among the young talents of Europe with such climb rank of Challenge remarkable achievements above.

With the LPL dominating, Koreans struggling to change their style. North America falling behind, Europe is perhaps the biggest hope to overthrow the Chinese. In order to realize this, LEC may need to find many talents like MagiFelix.