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The rank of champion strength according to the price level of Arena of Truth

Super Technology and other squads have been nerfed in the upcoming 10.14 version

the rank of champion strength

In the Arena of Truth, there are a number of champions that are extremely powerful compared to the generals at the same price. This makes it possible for players to take advantage of the same amount of money but have a much better squad than their opponents, starting smoothly with the winning sequence. The following is the rank of champion strength of the most powerful generals for each price level. 


Standing at the lowest position in the rank of champion strength are Caitlyn and Graves.

Among the champions 1 money, Caitlyn is the most appreciated general. The reason is that the hand damage is quite good, can activate the intrinsic quality is Time in the early stages. Especially if you get 2 stars, not many enemy champions can withstand 1 Caitlyn skill.

Besides, although Graves is a champion with 1 Gold. Graves is trusted by many people until the mid or late game. Because in addition to activating the Gunners (the hottest meta). Graves also has the ability to cause blindness to overcome a lot of champions who fight the enemy team, which buys a lot of time for his squad.

2 MONEY – LUCIAN AND ZED – The rank of champion strength

Standing at the next position in the rank of champion strength is Lucian and Zed. 

As we know that Lucian is the strongest champion in the current meta, no matter what element of comparison. Firstly, activating Super Technology and Archer is extremely powerful at any stage of the match. The second is the amount of physical damage and magic damage (from skill) over time is extremely good. Tuesday is able to dodge Secret Detective with his surfing skills, increasing the chance of survival a little in combat. Finally, the ability to spread the effect of the Gunner, especially strong when combined with Red Charm and Ashtray.

After Lucian, Zed is a name that many people appreciate. When activating Rebellion, Zed has enough shield to survive and defeat the main champion behind the enemy team. Zed can also make a quality “inventory” for Jinx in the 6th Frenzy or Gunner Gladiator.

3 MONEY – EZREAL AND VAYNE – The rank of champion strength

Standing at the third position in the rank of champion strength with 3  money is Ezreal and Vayne. 

Ezreal is the champion with the ability to increase the energy of the opponent. Ezreal has always been highly appreciated since the beginning of season 3 up to now. In addition, Ezreal is currently the perfect piece to support Jinx with 2 Gunner and Time-Space buffs. So among the 3 champions, Ezreal is the brightest name in the current meta.

Vayne as an “upgraded” version of Lucian in the Super Tech roster, Vayne was able to evade enemy attacks very easily with his skills. In addition, Vayne also has very high damage thanks to both the Super C passive. 


Standing at the second position in the rank of champion strength with 4  money is Ezreal and Vayne.

Jinx was once considered by Riot Games to be the weakest champion in the series 4-money of Season 3. Now Jinx is the champion who “exposes and loses” because he is too strong. In the current meta, Jinx with some basic items such as Angel Armor, Giant Kill, and Blue Bow can help you gently enter the top 4.

Gnar is a champion full of blood and control in the tank of resistances of the Arena of Truth. Gnar’s strength lies in being able to knock the entire rear of the enemy team out of the chessboard for his team to attack. Moreover, Gnar individual also has a lot of damage and health while in the giant Gnar form. He can carry the team in some cases Gnar is ignored by the opponent and aimed at the rear carry.


Standing at the first position in the rank of champion strength with 5  money is Ekko, Urgot, and Aurelion Sol.

The Aurelion Sol is currently the champion with the greatest power among the five generals. Firstly, Aurelion Sol is the last piece for the hottest meta squad with 6 Internal Rebellion. 2nd Aurelion Sol has too much damage, surviving for as long as possible. The third is that this champion is very difficult to defeat because of his Model H’s internal damage. He can buy a relatively long time, or sometimes carry the team in some cases to pull the attention of the enemy team.

Ekko is in the current top meta of Super Technology. Ekko has quite a large amount of damage if there is some suitable equipment. In particular, when the Gunners squad is crowned, Ekko’s ultimate is a necessary skill to stop Jinx’s power. Moreover, with his Secret Passion, Ekko can hug Tim Bang and jump straight into the enemy’s carry. Casting to slow the attack speed as well as slow the time to use the skill.

Urgot is a champion that does not need to activate any clan and is still strong. Urgot will be reduced by Urgot in the next update. However, in the current version, this is still a “tycoon” with his hegemony skills. Because in addition to Claw Trap, there is no equipment to protect your carry from being pulled to death by Urgot.