July 27, 2021


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The Rise of Among Us

The Rise of Among Us

Why did a game that started a few years back just become a No. 1 trend? Throughout 2020 there have been a number of trends in the entertainment industry, especially in relation to video games. The Rise of Among Us

In March, the tech giant Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, a further addition to its cult-classic Animal Crossing series.

The Rise of Among Us

It was the most discussed game in the world for months after its release, until September, when social media conversations shifted to the game Among Us.

Among Us is an online multiplayer deduction game launched by Innersloth, an indie developer, in 2018. In the game, 4–10 spacecraft crew members are tasked with completing the mission of stabilizing the ship. 

There is, however, an Imposter in the crew, a man whose goal is to secretly kill his crewmates. The crew members need to figure out who the Imposter is and vote them off before it’s too late.

For weeks, Among Us has been trending on social platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok, from its collaborative murder-mystery premise to its meme-inspiring cartoon graphics. Just on TikTok, the videos posted under #amongus have a total of 39 billion views.

It’s safe to say Among Us is the latest cultural phenomenon with influential figures picking up the game, ranging from the US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to internet celebrities such as James Charles. Nintendo even jumped on the bandwagon with Among Us.

In addition to being free on mobile devices and less than $5 on a PC, the game is now available for purchase via the Switch.

A question about Among Us, however, is increasing almost as quickly as the number of new players. In the first year of its launch, the game leapt from less than 1,000 players to hit over 3 million by early October 2020.

Why did it Suddenly Become so Popular? – The Rise of Among Us

The Rise of Among Us

It’s much easier than figuring out who the Imposter is during a round of the game to figure out how Among Us rose to the top of the charts. Last year, Among Us received two awards: Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game of 2020, highlighting why so many people love to play it.

It became popular among us because it embodies the current requirements and concerns of leisure activities. New desires for minimal cost, easily accessible, and socially responsible forms of entertainment services have emerged this year. 

Even before the game developers intended it, Among Us came to meet all of these requirements. It makes sense that the game has become popular, considering it’s a low-cost activity that allows anyone to connect with other people with a smartphone or computer.

Its advancement is a direct reflection of what occurs when creators make the strategic effort to adapt to the changing needs of people.

The developers saw the opportunity to satisfy the needs of their growing community. They took the time to recognize that the market had a gap and listened to the feedback of their audience and build something that filled the space. 

It will be interesting to watch how the game continues to grow with those who play it, with new stages rolling out and accessibility extending to mainstream consoles like Xbox and the Switch.