August 4, 2021


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The Ruined King, Viego, is the Latest Champion

The Ruined King

After years of fans asking when he will be a part of the game, the latest Jungler for League of Legends was finally announced. The Ruined King joins the league, and Viego is his name.

The Ruined King

He’s clearly from the Shadow Isles, and at least at the beginning of this year he’ll be a big part of it. If one does not know, “Ruined King: A League of Legends Story” is the villain of the first League of Legends RPG. A lot of people are going to be asking who Viego is and what exactly he is doing. 

Here is a glance at everything that is known about Viego at the moment.


To the east, far beyond the seas, few know the kingdom whose name lies all but forgotten among the ruins that dot its shores. Fewer are still aware of the foolish young ruler, whose lovestruck heart was doomed to destroy him.

Now, the name of that man is Viego, a serious threat to all.

Viego, the second son of a dynastic king, was never meant to lead. He lived a life of pleasure instead, which made him complacent and selfish. Yet, when his older brother died suddenly, he soon found himself crowned, He who had neither the inclination nor the aptitude to rule.

He showed little interest in his role until he met Isolde, a poor seamstress. He was so taken by her beauty that the young king offered her his hand in marriage, and thus married a peasant girl to one of the most powerful rulers of the age.

Their romance was enchanting, and Viego, who had rarely shown interest in someone other than himself, had dedicated his life to her. The two were inseparable—he hardly went out without Isolde, always giving gifts to his queen, and his attention could rarely be broken while she was there.

The allies of Viego fumed. Unable to interest him in politics, and with the nation starting to crumble under his dubious rule, some secretly plotted to bring an end to their new king’s reign before it had begun. Meanwhile, the enemies of his nation saw an opportunity to strike. And the vipers were beginning to circle

Thus, an assassin’s poisoned dagger came to Viego one day. The king, however, was well defended, and the dagger did not strike him, grazing Isolde instead.

The toxin worked quickly and Isolde fell into a ruinous torpor, while Viego was only able to watch in horror as the condition of his wife became more and more severe. Overwhelmed with rage and despair, within his coffers, he spent every last coin trying to save her.

But all of it was for naught. Isolde died in her bed, and madness consumed Viego.

His search for an antidote became crazy and desperate. Unable to accept his wife’s death, in his quest to return her to him, every treasure of the kingdom was sacrificed, every scrap of wealth. Viego hid himself away with Isolde’s body as the land fell into disarray, becoming hateful and violent.

Then the day came when he learned the secret of the Blessed Isles, the waters of which had healed every disease. He stormed the peaceful land by force with his great army, slaughtering all who stood in his way until he had finally broken his inner sanctum and let his wife drift beneath the blessed water. 

No matter the destruction that he wrought, she would return to him. No matter the expense. And she did, for just one moment.

From Isolde emerged a hideous wraith of shadow and fury, and in her agony, her rage, her confusion at being torn from death. She took his enchanted blade from and stabbed it through her heart. The magic of the waters and the ancient sword collided, and the energy of the chamber erupted, tearing through the islands, and capturing all that it touched in tortured, conscious undeath.

Yet Viego remembers nothing of this. His land collapsed into ruin, great nations rose and fell, and even his name was forgotten in time…until, a thousand years after his death, Viego once again stood. And he would not fail this time.

Viego’s unflinching, deranged love fuels his every action, his every desire, his every atrocity, his mind twisted by the same dangerous obsession he possessed in life. The deadly Black Mist pours freely from the broken heart of Viego, ripping life from everything it touches, and he uses the Mist to scour the world to return Isolde to his side for some purpose.

Legions will crumble before him only to rise in his service again, nations will be swallowed by living darkness, and the human race will pay for every moment of happiness it stole from an ancient ruler laid low by love that consumes everything. 

He doesn’t care about the destruction he causes, as long as he can see the face of Isolde again. 

And until Isolde returns to him, before the Ruined King, all will fall.