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The Sickest and Deadliest Martis Build and Combos in Mobile Legends 2020

Martis Build

Martis is a hero fighter / assassin with many advantages over weaknesses. Martis has the best Crowd Control (CC) ability in Mobile Legends, and Martis also has a high mobility by using his second skill. Martis is still a hero to pick for ranked matches. Despite the fact that this hero was hit by a large nerf from Moonton. Regarding this, We will provide you with recommendations for the build of Martis. These recommended items will increase his Health Point, damage, lifesteal, defense and cooldown reduction. So, let us have a quick look at the Martis Build and Combo  guide below.

Martis Build

Mobile Legends Martis’s Item Build – Martis Build

Warriors Boots

The first item you should get is Warriors Boots. It grants you 40 Movement speed. The Physical Defense from this item also allows Martis to sustain some damage at the beginning of the match.

 Blade of The Heptaseas and Blade of Despair

Martis Build

These two items that we recommend is to focus on Martis damage by pairing with Blade of The Heptaseas at the beginning of the match followed by Blade of Despair. Blade of The Heptaseas increases his Physical Penetration, also provides him with some Health Points and his next Basic Attack will deal 240 plus 60% Physical Attack. As for Blade of Despair, it largely increases his damage output so he can finish enemies off with his combos.

Queen’s Wing, Rose Gold Meteor and Immortality 

Martis Build
Martis Build

After you have purchased the above items, it is time for some defense items. We recommend that you should get Queen’s Wing and Rose Gold Meteor. Queen’s Wing grants it user a 40% Damage Reduction, and 40% of Lifesteal, when Martis health falls below 40%. As for Rose Gold Meteor, It provides users with a 510-1350 points of Shield when its user health falls below 30%. Not only that, it also gives 30 Magic Defense and 5% Physical Lifesteal. Lastly, is Immortality. This item will grant Martis 40 Physical Defense and resurrect Martis upon death and he will get 20% Max HP and a Shield.

Martis Combos – Martis Build

Martis Build

For the Combo, You should use Martis skill 1 –Ashura Aura to pull the enemies to you, allowing you to get in close, then use Skill 2- Mortal Coil to push them back. Martis will gain Control Immunity while spamming basic attacks until the passive is reset, use Skill 2 again to knock them up and reset your passive. Lastly, cast your Ultimate skill and finish them. This combo can be repeated.