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The Spatula icon suddenly became a waste product in the Arena of Truth

Spatula icon in Arena of Truth

Spatula icon in Arena of Truth

The Spatula icon in the past has always been the most contested item in public markets because of its hegemony. Yet after only an updated version, this equipment almost disappeared from the Arena of Truth.

Although not providing any stats, but with the ability to upgrade into items to help change the race. System and especially natural armor to increase 1 slot. Spatula icon is always categorized as weak equipment that any squad needs to own, especially in the first season, season 2, and early season 3.

But with the rapid change in the strategic system of the Arena of Truth at the end of season 3. How many clans activated in the match no longer seem to be the number one priority. Because at this stage, victory is decided by what chess piece you have in your hand instead of your clan. The fact that only 1-2 chess pieces can match the entire Arena of Truth formation without having to worry about any race. The clan is too normal at the present time.


Remember in the period of season 1 and season 2, the Spatula icon with the creative coordination of chess players created countless hegemony strategies. One of them can be mentioned as the magician strategy. Summoning magicians with Zyra Spatula icon or Nocturne tactics. Earning players every stage of the middle of the second season. And there are many other tactics that leave a mark in the hearts of gamers in the first seasons like Nami – shaman or archer – clan.

Perhaps due to the ridiculously badass of this equipment. So when it came to season 3 Riot had some moves to limit its power. At this time, the cards that can be combined with a gold shovel are not much. It is just enough to activate. The most recent is the strategy of the battleship – defense with a gold shovel for Aurelion Sol card. However, in terms of popularity, it is not possible to compare it with the first seasons. The evidence is that the Spatula icon has always been the least popular choice in the general selection rounds.


The second cause of the increasingly unreliable Spatula icon in the Arena of Truth is the appearance of too many cancer cards in the later stages of the season. Victory now does not depend on how many pieces you have or activate how many tribes. But it depends on which chess pieces do in battle.

Even if you have natural armor paired with a Spatula icon equipped with 10 champions. A few troops like Riven or Urgot can still easily overwhelm your squad. So at this stage instead of competing for gold shovels to increase an extra slot. Professional chess players tend to choose strong equipment to increase the stamina of the main card.

With all these reasons, it’s not too difficult to understand. Why the Spatula icon is coming from the hot pick equipment suddenly disappears after the update at the end of season 3.