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The tactics that once stirred the Professional League of League

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

NA Academy 2020 Summer standings

Come with the unique tactics that have been skillfully applied by the professional League of Legends players and turned into a trend in the Arena of Truth.

Meta in League of Legends 9.3

To be optimistic, they can consider the current version of 9.3 as a short time of happiness for the Minions in League of Legends. If during 10 years of presence in the Arena of Truth, players always kill these minions because of the huge resources they bring. Now, there are professional battles but the players didn’t even care about the last hit.

It all started with tactics related to equipping Spearheaded Blade in League of Legends. Recently, when this combination made the enemy’s pilling structure even more powerful. Originally larger than minions farming, typical for this strategy is the match with extremely amazing happenings between SKT T1 and KingZone DragonX recently.

Of course, with a lot of dedication to developing and balancing aspects related to “soldier resources”. The fact that players don’t want to farm minions is just like bad news for Riot Game. This tactic will soon be killed in version 9.4.

Mid lane support is an annoying tactics

We still have not forgotten the image of Faker using Taric in the mid lane associated with the severe downturn of SKT T1. That is also the time when the tactic of using the mid lane as the role of a support player. They applied the second thoroughly, especially at LCK of League of Legend tournament.

Although before this strategy became popular around the middle of the 2018 season. We often encountered the support-oriented champions in the Mid lane like Lulu or Karma, the biggest difference of the strategy. It is in the way it works.

In League of Legends, the use of support champions like Taric is pure. The hero does not need a lot of resources and does not necessarily increase the strength. Because they still play a supporting role. All resources will lead to the position of jungling with strong carry-oriented generals – Typically Master Yi. This is a really annoying tactic when the enemy jungler has the ability to increase the power extremely quickly. It has caused many players in the world to have a headache when neutralizing.

Magician becoming the ruler of the bottom line

2018 was clearly the most chaotic time in League of Legends history. When a series of strange and unique tactics emerged, causing Riot Games to be extremely hard. There were many times when almost no hands in. game balancing.

ADC – The most important role of generals in League of Legends suddenly becomes “scrap” with a nearly harmless power when facing other roles that have been upgraded and increased significantly. And almost for the first time in history, ADCs completely lost their irreplaceable position in the Bot lane in League of Legends.

Instead, there are the “strange” names in the bot lane such as Swain, Yasuo, Morgana, or the return of the old Mordekaiser. This change has brought interesting experiences to viewers. But it is something to overcome when it made the balance that was so fragile in League of Legends. It breaks completely, with the collapse of ADC.