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The team leading Top 1 position at League of Legend tournament in the world

Cloud 9 lags at the top of the LCS rankings with 8 consecutive victories

Cloud 9 lags at the top of the LCS rankings with 8 consecutive victories

Summer tournaments in countries are becoming more exciting than ever. In this article, we will list out the teams that are holding the top 1 position League of Legends in the world.

NORTH AMERICAN LCS – CLOUD 9 – Top 1 position

Keeping in form from spring, Cloud 9 is currently in the Top 1 position League of Legends in the North American LCS tournament. Cloud 9 still seems to be on top of all North American teams at the moment, having 8 consecutive victories. The biggest fulcrum of Cloud 9 is undoubtedly the bot lane when Zven and Vulcan play better and better and become extremely dangerous in the fighting phase. The fact that both players reached the top of KDA also shows the superiority of the bot lane that Cloud 9 owns compared to the rest of the LCS.

Remember that in the Spring Split, Cloud 9 lost only 1 match. With the roster not having a disturbance, the players’ performance remains the same, it is unbelievable when this summer’s LCS championship is out of the hands of Cloud 9, the question is whether they can keep their achievements. winning in the group stage or not only.


Strong and undoubtedly are the two biggest improvements of the Cerberus Esports summer version when they no longer make the same silly mistakes that led to losing like they used to. There were a few signs of Cerberus playing in the past week, but they quickly used the overwhelming skill to balance and keep themselves 4 consecutive victories. However, Cerberus Esports is leading Top 1 position League of Legends at VCS Vietnam. 

With what has shown, defeating Cerberus Esports is now very difficult. Especially for the current top teams of VCS when the team has a problem with the gameplay. Some teams are too young and inexperienced. Perhaps we can only rely on strong and certain teams like GAM Esports or Team Flash for example.

KOREA LCK – DRAGON X – Top 1 position

The fact that DragonX won T1 on the day of the debut showed that this team has improved a lot in strength. They are the true challenger to the championship. When at present they are leading Top 1 position League of Legends at Korean LCK. After that opening match, Deft and his teammates had consecutive convincing victories. The more special thing is that the opponents that DRX defeated were mostly the teams in the upper half of the standings. Only Damwon Gaming they haven’t met.

Although they are performing well in the group stage, many people still question the possibility of champion of this team. The LCK playoff format will still follow the ladder format. The pressure from the Bo5 matches is extremely large, while DragonX is known to be “choke” at crucial stages. Last summer, for example, they missed the opportunity to go to Worlds after losing 2-3 points to Damwon Gaming. I wonder what DRX will do to solve this psychological problem.


Destruction is the most accurate way to describe the current Top Esports. When they have won 7 consecutive games in the LPL. Top esports is to keep Top 1 position League of Legends in LPL China. This team from a strong name in the LPL has progressed extremely quickly and towards extremely terrible power at the present time. With the addition of JackeyLove in the position of Gunner, Top Esports has completely solved its problems and the team is growing.

To many people, the current Top Esports is the strongest team in the world. The fact that they have tickets to this tournament is just. Perhaps with successive victories now, the goal of Top Esports is not just limited to LPL. The world championship should be the title that this team is aiming for.