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The typical Team of Week 4 at VCS: the race of GAM and Team Flash’s Game

The typical Team of Week 4

The typical Team of Week 4

Immediately after CES, GAM, Team Secret and Team Flash were in close competition with the same difference of 4-2. EVS gradually regained the feeling of victory when defeating PER and OPG. The group at the bottom of the SGB and OPG boards struggled even though the first leg was about to end. Below are the typical team of week 4 at VCS tournament voted by League of Legends players.


Kiaya clearing the top lane The typical Team of Week 4
Kiaya clearing the top lane

Week 4 was really hard for GAM when their opponents were Team Flash and Team Secret respectively. Not helping the team get the full results, Kiaya’s performance was still too convincing. Not only proficient in gladiator generals, the generals in the hands of Kiaya always cause opponents discomfort.

With the strategy towards the top half of the map, it is understandable why Kiaya can be on the list of the typical teams of week 4 of the tournament because Kiaya and Dia1 are the main carries. In the third match against Team Flash, Kiaya’s annoying push caused Team Flash to be miserable and struggling to find a solution. Thanks to the determination of the Palette, FL has reasonable situations of arresting people that Kiaya cannot continue her mission.

Before Team Secret and Coated sublimated, Kiaya still handled consciousness despite being ganked or losing solo kill advantage. Thanks to Kiaya’s ability, GAM fully control Coated does not give this player the opportunity to access the main force.


Gamers have the ability to play the good top position at Team Flash The typical Team of Week 4
Gamers have the ability to play the good top position at Team Flash

The young face of Team Flash is gradually replacing Yijin in the forest of Team Flash, becoming the second player to make the VCS list of the typical teams of week 4. Contrary to the immaturity of the first weeks, Ego played better and showed fans the quality of “Korean Challenge”. In addition, many people also commented that Ego’s gameplay has a similarity to Sofm, making this young player a novelty of VCS. Confrontation with the leading junglers of VCS like Levi, Ego did not hesitate. He confidently chooses the duel champions like Leesin or Nidalee.

Ego’s Leesin is a bit lost to Levi, but Nidalee in this player really makes Levi and GAM miserable. Clearing the forest quickly, coordinating only with the teammates, and always finding the main force of the opponent in the fight helps Team Flash win dramatically despite losing the first game. VCS is always famous for junglers and Ego is fully qualified to be the next superstar of the tournament.

MID LANE – GAME DIA 1 – The typical team of Week 4

In the mid lane, no one can compete against Dia 1 of Gam at VCS
In the mid lane, no one can compete against Dia 1 of Gam at VCS

With 2 MVP titles this week, Dia1 deserves to be included in the list of members of the typical teams of week 4 of the VCS tournament. Always a player with a strong play style on the road, Dia1 with Levi and Kiaya are Three main factors that help GAM implement the strategy. With the way to play in the upper half, Dia1 has always been favored to choose damage generals like Jayce, Sylas, or Lucian, and never once fans were disappointed to see those champions in the middle of GAM.

3 games with Jayce against Team Secret, Dia1 all played well. Especially in game 3, he is the main source of damage and detonator of GAM. However, Dia1 is not only strong with damage generals, but this player is also always ready to support Levi and Easylove in case GAM uses 2 gunner tactics.